Can Anyone Do Microblading?

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The latest trend to achieve the eyebrows you’ve always dreamed of is commonly referred to as microblading. If you have been considering ways that you can get the same look with minimal morning effort, microblading could be the solution for you. Unlike other beauty routines, this isn’t one that can be tackled from the comfort of your own home. You need to find someone who is specifically trained to offer this service.

Anyone can technically do microblading as long as they have received the proper training. It doesn’t require an advanced degree or a doctor to actually perform the procedure. However, anyone who administers this beauty service needs to be experienced in how to handle safety and sanitation, the equipment, and more. Anesthetics for this procedure might be necessary, so they should know to administer them to each patient properly.

Everyone should have to undergo a fair number of classes focused on facial morphology and the best way to shape the brows and color them. After all, you want someone to give you a set of eyebrows that look great instead of just mediocre. They won’t be able to change the appearance once the procedure is finished.

Consider the fact that microblading is essentially a form of tattooing. It tends to look more natural than other efforts to tattoo the eyebrows on, but it still requires a certain degree of finesse. If your new eyebrows are going to be relatively permanent, do you really want them applied by someone who is less than qualified to perform the services you want?

The odds are that you want to head to someone who is an actual professional who has been trained and taught how to apply your permanent makeup. We would highly recommend the same thing. Don’t allow anyone to perform your microblading if they haven’t been trained.

How do you know if your professional is actually qualified to offer microblading? Unlike other services that may allow just anyone to hang out their shingle as an “expert,” more detailed qualifications exist for microblading. Ask about what certification classes they attended to learn how to administer microblading.

Most programs will require 100 hours of training in addition to a Blood Borne Pathogen certification. Depending on your area, a professional could be required to take more than 300 hours’ worth of training in order to become expertly qualified for microblading. They might even be eligible to sign up for an apprenticeship first, allowing them to practice under the supervision of an expert.

You might also want to ask whether they have joined any societies or professional organizations dedicated to these services. For example, a specialist for microblading might join the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

At Lashes by Lisa, you will receive your microblading and permanent makeup application from a certified expert and an experienced permanent makeup professional. You can make your morning routine simpler with beautiful makeup that never runs or smears. Talk to us about how you can take advantage of the new microblading trend today!

Is There a Better Time of the Year to Have Eyelash Extensions Done?

Permanent makeup. Eyelash Extension Procedure. Eyelashes. Professional stylist lengthening female lashes. Eyelash extension procedure

Have you ever wondered if now is the perfect time for you to have your eyelash extensions done? Many people hesitate to take the first steps toward getting those luscious lashes they’ve always dreamed about while they wait for the perfect time. They wonder whether winter or summer will give them the best experience as they adjust to taking care of their long mink eyelashes.

The truth is that any time is a great time to have your eyelash extensions done. Winter and summer are both excellent options, but you might find that winter is slightly easier to accommodate new eyelashes than summer. Why is that, you might ask?

Well, you really should avoid waterproof mascara when you have eyelash extensions. It requires more oil-based makeup removers to come off of your eyelashes. This can cause the adhesive to come loose before the estimated time. It can also clump up on fake eyelashes, making it even more difficult to remove without ripping out your extensions at the same time.

Many women prefer to wear waterproof mascara in the summertime because it allows them to flaunt sexy dark lashes while they recline at the pool. Spending an hour at the seashore can be difficult if you don’t have waterproof mascara to keep your lashes from running down your cheeks. If you hesitate to leave the house without your full makeup on, you might not want lash extensions during the summertime.

If this trivial detail doesn’t mean much to you, lash extensions can really be worn year-round. With these extensions on, you could even find that you don’t need to wear mascara to make your eyes a standout feature.

Keep in mind that you will have to stay completely dry for almost one full day after your application. This isn’t the kind of beauty service you can have done and then hop on a plane to go to your vacation destination. The glue has to have time to dry all on its own which means you can’t get your eyes wet at all. You shouldn’t sweat, cry, swim, or even wash your face for one full day if possible.

Not sweating in the summertime could be a real struggle for you. The salt and the water can disrupt the drying process, causing your expensive eyelashes to fall out prematurely. Unless you plan to head straight into the air conditioning, you may have a difficult time keeping yourself cool in the middle of the summer. The best idea is to get them done early in the morning to give yourself a little more travel time before you start to sweat.

Eyelash extensions can be great at any time of the year. Beginners might want to consider waiting for a cooler month so they can better adjust to their new care and maintenance routines. Lisa is Winnipeg’s number one eyelash extensions expert. Let her help you to figure out which eyelash extensions are right for you and schedule the perfect time for your first application.