How Often Should I Have My Body Sugared?

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Once you get hooked on body sugaring, you will do almost anything to keep your skin looking smooth and flawless. Many people find that they might even be able to make their sugaring permanent if they keep coming back. Unfortunately, you may not want to waste your hard-earned dollars coming back for sugaring that you don’t need. So how often should you really have your body sugared?

This usually depends on the area of the body that you are having done. Some parts of the body regrow their hair faster than others. Consider which parts of the body you plan to have sugared on a regular basis before you make your appointments. Sensitive areas such as Brazilians or bikini sugaring sessions are typically done about once every four to six weeks.

More visible parts of the body are often sugared more regularly. The legs, arms, or underarms might need to be sugared every two to three weeks. You won’t have to worry about the damage this can do to your skin. Unlike waxing, sugaring doesn’t remove the top layer of your skin when it is removed. It binds only to the hair. While you may have some irritation for the rest of the day, this usually disappears much faster than it does with waxing and is less uncomfortable overall.

The time between sugaring sessions will decrease after you have had it done several times. However, you need to know how to time your future sessions in order to make the most of them.

You shouldn’t wait until the hair is super long to come back for another body sugaring. In fact, it is usually best if you can get another session booked when your hair is just 1/8-inch long. This is a much shorter length than is recommended for traditional waxing. Sugar doesn’t need the hair to be quite as long in order to create an excellent grip.

At this shorter length, the hair is still attached to the follicle wall. This is referred to as the anagen phase of hair growth. When your sugaring expert applies the amber-colored syrup to your skin, this allows it to bind closely to your hair. It won’t be too short to make a difference with this powerful formula of all natural ingredients.

The sugaring removes a small piece of the follicle wall with it when the hair is this short. After several sessions like this, the follicle walls might start to collapse in on themselves altogether. At this stage, you will find that your hair isn’t likely to grow back. You can go even longer periods of time between sugaring sessions because your hair will be much thinner if it does regrow.

When you’re ready to get your next body sugaring done, let our experienced body sugaring professional help you at Lashes by Lisa. We will help you to feel comfortable and at ease as you venture into this new type of beauty treatment. After just one session, you’ll be hooked on the natural hair removal process that could produce permanent results!

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