How to Remove My Makeup and Not Damage Lash Extensions

Having lash extensions installed can dramatically change your appearance for the better. The right shape and length can make your eyes pop, but this effect is only enhanced by the right makeup. Applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, and more can be a fun experience that makes you feel beautiful each morning. The problem is that not many people know how to remove their makeup gently without damaging their lash extensions in the process.

Protect your investment when it comes to your lash extensions. Following these steps will help you remove your makeup without ruining them in the process.

Grab a clean washcloth

Before your lash extensions, you might have been content to remove your eye makeup with a cotton pad. However, this might create more work for you with your long lashes. Cotton pads can leave behind lint in your lashes that is difficult to pick out later. Attempting to remove these individual pieces can cause you to inadvertently pull of your lash extensions. You need a clean washcloth to remove your makeup instead.

Purchase the right type of cleanser

Make sure that you’re only applying gentle cleaners to your lash extensions to avoid damaging them or ruining the adhesive. You may want to avoid some of the more traditional eye makeup removers on the market. Many of the makeup removers you find in the beauty aisles are going to be oil-based. These heavy oils are full of moisture that can loosen up the adhesive on your new extensions.

Oil-based makeup removers may work well for normal situations, but you need something gentler for extensions. The best recommendation is to use a micellar water solution instead. If this isn’t available to you, you might want to try using baby shampoo.

Apply it without scrubbing

Pour the cleanser over the washcloth and hold it up to your eye for thirty seconds. You don’t need to rub at your eye which could damage the extensions. You simply hold it up there and then gently wipe away what remains. There will likely still be some makeup near the lash line, so you will use a cotton swab soaked in the micellar water to get rid of makeup in this spot. Move very gently and slowly, covering the area multiple times only if necessary.

Use makeup wipes if you’re in a hurry

When you travel or need to get somewhere in a hurry, makeup removing wipes could be the best choice. Look for packages that say they are oil-free to make sure they don’t have anything that could damage your extensions. Once again, try not to rub too hard near the eyelash extensions. Work very gently and take your time to get rid of all traces of the day’s makeup.

You don’t have to give up makeup just because you have lash extensions! You simply need to learn how to take care of your new lashes and remove your makeup safely. If you’re ready to change your appearance with extensions, contact Winnipeg’s leading eyelash extensions professional, Lashes by Lisa!

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