5 Best Colored Mascaras for Every Eye Color

Picking the proper mascara doesn’t need to be overwhelming. It’s about knowing the best mascara for your skin tone and eye color. It’s about what’ll work best for you! Whether purple, blue, black, brown—or any shade in the rainbow—your mascara may be a method of exploring fashion trends while also framing the windows of your soul.

Black Lashes

One universal rule is that everyone appears great in black mascara. Even upon the fairest skin, it’ll provide a dramatic frame for your eyes. For darker skinned females, it’ll add drama to fringe. While in doubt, know that a black, good mascara always is your best bet.

Brown Lashes

Classic black is great, yet there also is a solid case to be made for brown lashes. If you’re a fair skinned person and like a natural look, a robust brown mascara is your best friend. The softer brown shade harmonizes with light brown, blonde, or lighter red hair, so no one but you will have any idea if you have invisible eyelashes!

In order to bring more drama to your greens or baby blues, a high-volume brown mascara still can have enough effect for nighttime, just ensure that your eyeliner or eyeshadow is not darker than your eyelashes. The shade contrast faux pas may be particularly apparent in photographs. A blackened, deeper brown mascara is an excellent option for medium skinned and olive women wanting to boost volume while still accomplishing a makeup-free appearance.

Blue Lashes


Try blue mascara for brown, grey, or light green eyes…or simply to make a statement! For women who are fair skinned, those blues will actually pop on the skin. For women of darker skin tones, apply a base coat of primer or black then glide on multiple coats of the blue after drying. To ensure the color shines, it’s possible to line the top lid with black liquid liner, or you can blend a blue eye pencil into your lash line.

If you are shy about experimenting with shades, a deep blue is going to enhance light brown, grey, and green eyes without being too obvious.


Plum, royal purple, and violet fall under this umbrella. Purple appears especially amazing on women who have hazel eyes, blue eyes, or green eyes. If you have warmer undertones in the skin, choose a shade of purple with warmer red undertones like a plum.

Women who have cool medium or darker toned skin will appear fantastic with a purple that skews toward blue, like violet.


Green colors appear incredible on hazel and brown eyes. Green may be complimentary to any array of skin tones, just choose neutral tones in the eyeshadow to allow the lashes to do the talking. If you like just a tease of color, you can apply a basic black mascara or coat of clear mascara, and swipe on the green from the mid-shaft to the tips.

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