6 Things Your Lash Artist Thinks You Should Know

As a lash customer, you likely know some important things—that you should always have a clean spoolie available, that no mascara is the better mascara, and any service which includes a one-hour long nap is worth integrating into your life. However, your lash artist has some more spots of wisdom to share that will take you from lash novice to master customer. Here, we list 6 things your lash artist thinks you should know:

Longer lash extensions do not always mean more dramatic

Customers ought to know that shorter lashes may accomplish a bolder and fuller look. Oftentimes, longer lash extensions cause a whispie—almost ‘spidery’ – impact. Some customers like that look, yet some do not! It is important that you know precisely what type of result you are going for before you request long extensions to obtain a ‘dramatic’ set.

Not every volume set is created equal

There are volume lash levels; advanced volume and beginner volume. Remember the skill level, experience, and kind of volume lashing the lash artist is able to execute when arranging your session to align your expectations with the results. Advanced volume touts the uniform, dark lash line which is all over Instagram and sometimes can only be accomplished after decades of honing in on the craft.

Do not be shy

As a lash artist, we want to ensure that you have the best experience you can while getting your eyelashes done! Within the service, if you’re in any pain—like burning, or the eye pads or tape are rubbing your eyes, make us aware so that we have the ability to immediately prevent eye irritation or redness.

 Clean your lashes

Do not come to your appointment with dirty lashes. As a courtesy to the stylist, brush and cleanse your lashes before the fill. It’ll give the stylist more time lashing, and the retention of the new set is going to be incredible. Cleaner bonds equal better retention. Imagine it this way: who visits the dentist without first brushing?

Cat-eye styling is not for everyone

Often with false lashes, cat-eye styling will make your eyes appear larger. However, this does not translate well to extensions—that, unlike strip lashes, utilize the natural lashes as a base. The eye lashes on the outer eye will naturally grow shorter, and often do not have the ability to support the weight of super-long extensions. Therefore, overloading the ends with ultra-long extensions will create a winged, droopy effect—which is not flattering for anybody. Forgo the cat eye, instead, and ask for a styling in which the longest lengths are between the outer and mid eye.

Skip your caffeine

Drinking caffeine before the lash session may cause the eyes to twitch or flutter. It may be a nightmare as it’ll come to getting every lash correctly bonded and isolated. And not to mention, it is possibly dangerous—think sharp tweezers. Do not drink caffeine at least an hour before your session, and the lash artist will be so happy!

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