9 Tips for Lash Aftercare

Follow my guide to after care, and you will be loving your eyelashes all year long. Plus, for all of you eyelash technicians reading this, make certain that you pass these tips on to your clientele to make sure they receive the most out of the services you offer.

  1. 24-Hour No Water Rule

Your lash extensions cannot get wet for 24 hours after being applied. After the 24 hours is over, it is possible to soak, shower, swim, and go wild with water all you want.

  1. Avoid High Heat

When correctly applied, your eyelash extensions are resilient and sturdy, yet high heat may take even the best-applied eyelashes down. Do not point the blow dryer in the direction of your eyelashes. The heat is going to distort and straighten them out.

  1. Keep Lashes Clean

Your eyelashes, both extensions and real, gather environmental pollutants, like salt water, chlorine, and dust. In order to keep lashes fresh and clean, I suggest Wash & Wink Lash Shampoo. It is an oil-free cleaner especially formulated with natural botanicals for using with all extensions and lashes.

  1. Use Oil-Free Removers and Makeup and Specialty Mascara

Oils in most remover and makeup products are the worst enemy of your eyelashes. Oil breaks the adhesive down and causes premature eyelash loss. Luckily, there are oil-free choices to use.

It is possible to use mascara on the eyelash extensions for a more glamorous appearance, but I only recommend a light pass, and just occasionally.

  1. Seal the Deal using Protective Coating Sealant

A coating sealant is thinner than mascara, and as you apply a light coating over the extensions, it will help seal and protect eyelashes from chlorine and dust. I recommend utilizing a coating sealant on the eyelash extensions one time per week, after cleaning the eyelashes using a lash extension shampoo.

  1. Handle Carefully

Your natural eyelashes have their very own cycle and naturally shed; therefore, keep away from rough handling like pulling and rubbing which might remove your natural eyelashes, as well as the extensions. Never become tempted to remove or pick at the extensions yourself. You should always consult a technician for assistance.

  1. Satin Pillowcase

And speaking of loving your eyelashes while sleeping, utilizing a satin pillowcase may assist you in maintaining your eyelashes. Not just will satin pillow cases feel and look luxurious, the smooth, silky fabric decreases friction which consequently helps to keep your eyelashes in place.

  1. Get rid of your Crimp Curler

While regular crimp style lash curlers may provide your natural eyelashes the additional curl you desire, they aren’t appropriate for using with lash extensions.

  1. Arrange a Fill

In order to keep eyelashes beautiful throughout the year, follow your natural lash growth cycle and maintain a fill every 2 – 3 weeks. Yes, lash extensions require upkeep; therefore, get ready for maintenance. It’s an ultra-important aspect of your aftercare routine.

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