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Things to Know Before You Get Eyelash Extensions

Not to be completely dramatic or anything, but eyelash extensions are really life-changing. They are sort of like a spray tan— you look just fine without them yet once you witness how well they actually enhance your natural beauty, you are hooked. Lash extensions (and, alright, spray tans) are especially amazing for wedding day beauty. They appear beautiful in photos, make your eyes appear ten times bigger, as well as make you appear refreshed and rested no matter how little sleep you have had the past week getting ready for the big day! That being said, they’re a commitment of both money and time; therefore, you absolutely want to be completely prepared before heading to the salon. Read below for our eyelash extension guide.

Grooming is required

Similar to hair extensions, eyelash extensions require upkeep. You will want to utilize a spooly brush to brush your lashes out every morning and while you will want to go around twelve hours post-service without getting the extensions wet, it is an excellent idea to wash them using diluted baby shampoo one time per day to remove mascara and build up.

Mascara isn’t required

You do not need mascara with eyelash extensions— that is sort of the point! If you want to amp up the drama on the big day with a little mascara, apply it lightly, and just to the tips of the extensions to avoid clumping (and ultimately tearing).

Avoid oil-based products

Try to keep oils, makeup removers, and facial cleansers away from the lash extensions. Those products may break-up the eyelash glue and cause the extensions to prematurely fall out. If you are getting your makeup done professionally, make certain to ask the technician to also use non-waterproof mascara.

Eyelash extensions last around 21 days

Which is the ideal frame of time for your wedding and then honeymoon! If you would like to keep the lashes in longer, you will have to get them filled every 3 weeks, since they naturally fall out just like your natural eyelashes. Most technicians recommend giving the natural lashes a 3-month break each year.

Not all eyelashes are created equal

There are silk, synthetic, and mink eyelash extension versions which vary in quality and price. If you have thick, strong, and healthy natural lashes, it’s possible to likely deal with synthetic extensions. If your natural eyelashes are delicate and thin, mink or silk is likely better since synthetic versions might be a little heavy.

It’s possible to customize fullness and length

The majority of extensions are available in varying fullness and lengths; you can choose sparse and long or short and full depending upon your desired vibe. Your eyelash technician will have the ability to tell you what your natural eyelashes are going to be able to deal with and for how long.

Research your technician

When eyelash extensions go wrong, they REALLY go wrong. Search for an eyelash technician who has example before and after photographs on Instagram or inside the salon.

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Can Lash Extensions Make my Lashes Fall Out?

If you’re searching for a way to get beautiful, bold lashes, lash extensions are the way to go. Through a simplistic process of application, it’s possible to get the eyelashes of your dreams at a reasonable price. But some folks have some apprehension and fear about lash extensions, with the primary cause for concern being that the lash extensions are going to lead to future problems with your natural lashes.

Do Lash Extensions Make your Lashes Fall Out?

Not at all! One big myth surrounding lash extensions is the thought that attaching your extensions to your existing lashes may cause irreversible harm. It’s just not true. Lash extensions won’t cause harm to your natural lashes so long as you go to a specialist for application and use the right precautions. There isn’t any need to be concerned with lash extensions making your lashes fall out.

Just Trust A Professional with Lash Extensions

One of the keys to ensuring you don’t have any problems with your lash extensions is only trusting a lash extension professional. Don’t try to apply lash extensions yourself at home or visit a discount store. If lash extensions are put on with expertise and care, they’re completely safe and won’t pose any threat to your natural eyelashes. A professional will ensure that you spend the time to gently apply your lash extensions to every individual lash, making sure that no lashes fall out.

Lash Extensions Care and Maintenance

To be certain there isn’t any chance of any damage to the natural lashes, there are some easy tips to follow. The following tips not just will keep the eyelashes safe and healthy, they additionally will keep your eyelash extensions appearing gorgeous for a longer period of time.

Do not Excessively Rub Your Eyes

Sometimes, you must rub your eyes. You might have something inside your eye or simply want to clear your mind, and nothing is better than a good rub. But, avoid rubbing the eyes as you have lash extensions as much as you can. Rubbing the eyes may disturb your extensions.

Don’t Pull On your Extensions

If you want to keep your lash extensions and natural eyelashes healthy, don’t pull on your lash extensions. It may cause eyelash loss and even damage to your natural eyelashes. Generally, avoid pulling on your lashes, irrespective of whether they’re lash extensions or your natural eyelashes.

Lash Extension Professionals at Lashes by Lisa

Lashes by Lisa are the Winnipeg lash extension application professionals. If you want to get lash extensions which pose no risk to your natural eyelashes, come to our Winnipeg location. We’ll apply your lashes with precision and care, only trusting certified professionals for the job. If you’re interested in learning more about lash extensions or want to arrange a consultation, contact Lashes by Lisa in Winnipeg today. Call us at (204) 487-3023.

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The Best Way to Sleep with Lash Extensions

It is suggested to sleep on your back in order to avoid any contact with your pillow. It’d cause the eyelashes to become tangled and ultimately fall off faster. Most folks are side sleepers: therefore, you might wonder how to sleep on your back. It may take a little getting used to, particularly if you only have ever slept on your side. Utilizing pillows for stretching and support before bed are a few things you can try. The key includes finding a method that’s most comfortable for you. Each person is different; therefore, make certain you experiment a little. Below are a few tips:

Position the Pillows

Surround yourself with supportive pillows and to prevent rolling on your side. With a couple of pillows, put them under each arm in order to elevate them, as well as to keep your shoulders somewhat higher. This permits the body to sustain a neutral position. You also can place a pillow under your knees to avoid lower back pain, as well as to prevent rolling. Utilize the right pillow that supports your neck and head, and one which keeps you secure all throughout the night.


Occasionally during the nighttime, we’ll toss and turn if we cannot find a comfy position. In order to avoid this, try to stretch before bed. It’s even possible to do them in your bed. A great back stretch to attempt includes lying flat on the back, and pull the left knee up to the chest, while you keep the opposite leg relaxed and straight. Hold it for thirty seconds then repeat with your opposite knee. Another fast one while you are sitting down includes extending the arms out in front then press your hands together. As you do that, gradually allow your neck and head to come down into a diving stance. Hold for around twenty seconds. Keep in mind to breathe in deeply as you do these exercises. As the back is stretched, it’s relaxed, which makes it easier to remain still during the nighttime.

Use a Lash Extension Sleep Mask

Buying a lash extension sleep mask may assist in protecting the extensions from pillow friction and extend their life. If you aren’t a back sleeper, no problem. This convenient product will keep your eyelashes secure and safe for side sleeping. Not only will they offer protection while sleeping but they’ll also provide you a sound sleep, and make you feel refreshed when morning arrives. Different from conventional sleep masks, lash extension sleep masks offer a space between your eyes and the mask, allowing comfort and freedom.

Utilize a Silk Pillowcase

Silk is gentle on the lashes and smooth on your skin. If the extensions rub against a silk pillow, they ought to run smoothly against it, instead of tangle and twist from friction on cotton pillows. Less friction means a longer lash life. As a bonus, silk also is great for the skin and it prevents wrinkles.

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Permanent Makeup: How Long Does It Last?

The choice to get permanent make-up may change your entire outlook on life. Rising out of bed each day prepared to face a mirror, and the world, may increase your confidence and self-esteem and save you money and time on day-to-day makeup application. Permanent make-up may be applied to eyes, lips, or the entire face, and even can be used to camouflage blemishes or scars, as well as enhance the results of a cosmetic operation, providing you an enhanced and refreshed look. To make the permanent make-up session as beautiful, long-lasting, and effective as it can be, it is vital that you care for your skin after and before. Different skin qualities, which includes dry or oily skin, scar tissue, tanned skin, and prior cosmetic sessions all can affect your permanent make-up results.

Permanent make-up involves colored pigment injected into the skin to craft well-defined lipstick, eyeliner, and eyebrows. As with any tattoo, permanent make-up fades over a period of time. How rapidly it fades depends upon the person and may vary from 1 to 5 years.

How It is Applied

Permanent make-up is applied to the skin with a unique handheld device. It’ll feature a needle which punctures your skin to inject the colored pigment. The natural pigment is embedded underneath the skin’s dermal layer for long-lasting definition. The process of the cosmetic tattoo is considered permanent because you can’t rinse away the tattooed color. But permanent make-up is really just a semi-permanent application, because the ink underneath the skin naturally diminishes over time.

Fading and Tattoos

All tattoos are prone to fading, yet the inks utilized for permanent make-up especially are likely to diminish. The colors utilized in permanent make-up sessions, as compared with inks used for conventional tattoos, are more natural and softer, making them more vulnerable to fading.

Several additional factors affect diminishing:

  • Ink color: Lighter colors fade more rapidly than darker colors.
  • UV ray exposure: Tanning bed and sun exposure may speed the fading process up.
  • Skin treatments: Skin peels as well as use of solutions that have Retin-A, a type of vitamin A which encourages skin renewal, also can produce a shorter life for permanent make-up.

Options for Removal

Although permanent make-up only offers semi-permanent results, tattooed ink is hard to take off before it diminishes on its own. No safe at-home treatments afre available to remove or fade permanent make-up. But, it’s possible to ask a dermatologist or make-up technician about softening the look. Techniques involve:

  • Laser removal: Multiple laser treatments may remove the tattoo ink from the skin.
  • Color camouflage: The technician may mask the permanent make-up shade with an additional tattoo application in a different color.

Refreshing Your Appearance

The SPCP suggests color refreshing or color re-enhancement to sustain permanent make-up. Usually, between 1 to 5 years after your first application, it’s possible to visit the technician to enhance the initial color and fill faded areas in. Within this process, you’ll have the chance to change the make-up color or shape, too.

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Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent makeup eyeliner: it’s one of the best methods of always having your eyes on!

Your morning beauty routine may be one of the best aspects of your day.

Your morning beauty ritual

Your favorite music, a cup of coffee, and ritual of a shower, makeup, as well as hair styling.  However, toss in a few kids, or recovering from a late evening out, and you are going to have a disaster.  You will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off attempting to get to work on time and still want to appear presentable!

Permanent eyeliner is the best way to skip that step altogether. In addition, you’ll always appear as if you have your make-up on no matter what the morning brings: there will be no more smudging and smearing, you can say “adios” to morning eyes, and it is possible to be prepared immediately when you have to be.

Permanent eyeliner is permanent

Here’s the best part about permanent eyeliner – it is permanent.  All of us have used that expression, “Hold on. I need to put my eyes on.” All of us can tell the difference between “no eye make-up” and “eye make-up” because it is a dramatic difference.  Once you get permanent eyeliner, your eyes will be “on” all of the time.

Second to rising out of bed with your eye makeup on, is that “no smear” factor.  It is possible to cry, rub your eyes, enjoy a vigorous workout, and never need to be concerned with smearing.  You’ll appear your best – all of the time.

Permanent Eyeliner is Hypoallergenic

A lot of women out there are allergic to cosmetics, and eyes are particularly sensitive. Synthetic fragrances and chemicals may be irritating, oftentimes causing watery, itchy eyes.  In a worst-case scenario, cosmetic allergies lead to unsightly swelling. Permanent makeup eyeliner will eliminate all these side effects and still permits you to have the eyes you’ve always dreamed of.

Are you highly sensitive to cosmetics?  Speak with your dermatologist about options for permanent makeup and toss out all of those wasted makeup tubes you could not wear. It is very liberating!

Permanent Eyeliner is Made for Any Aesthetic

Whether you like bold stand-out liner, or subtler, soft shades, a permanent cosmetic expert will cooperate with you to develop the appearance you are after.  It often is suggested that you go a bit understated with permanent eye makeup for a more natural appearance.  It is always possible to enhance it for special nights out or as you want to show off a bit more flair.  You’ll want a look that’s becoming and appears natural for your eyes.

They say the eyes are the window to your soul and permanent makeup eyeliner is the best choice to emphasize your own eyes to allow your soul to shine through.

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Debunking Most Common Eyelash Extension Myths

Here in this post today we are going to be sharing the facts about the most common eyelash extension false claims:

False claim: Having eyelash extensions applied might feel uncomfortable or hurt

Fact: The process of getting lash extensions applied doesn’t hurt and never should cause pain if they’re being applied by an experienced lash stylist. The process of eyelash extension application is an extremely relaxing experience and the majority of clients take a nap, or ‘lash naps’ as we refer to them. Therefore, if you’ve ever heard that having eyelash extensions applied may be uncomfortable or hurt, this isn’t true. No discomfort ever should be involved within lash extension applications. What’s involved is a spa-like, luxury experience that will make you relax!

False claim: Lash extensions might damage natural lashes

Fact: As you combine trained lash stylists and premium products with correct application methods, your natural eyelashes never should be damaged. During the process of lash application, it is vital to the health of your eyelashes to have every natural hair isolated as an extension is adhered to it and make sure of correct separation, so the hairs may continuously grow and shed as they naturally would. With Lashes by Lisa, we just use medical-grade, formaldehyde-free adhesives that are exclusively made for eyelash extensions. The blend of our high-quality adhesive in addition to the individual lash attachment is going to indefinitely maintain the integrity and health of your natural lash hairs.

False Claim My natural lashes are going to be shorter when/if I choose to have my lash extensions removed

Fact: As eyelash extensions are applied by an experienced lash stylist, your natural eyelashes are permitted to grow as they normally would. Women who do not have eyelash extensions typically remove and apply mascara on a daily basis. The application and slight tugging of eyelashes while putting on mascara followed up by the rubbing and cleaning of your eyes to take off the mascara greatly can damage the lashes. With the right eyelash extension application, there’ll be no damage and the lashes ought to grow better than they might if you were wearing, applying, and cleaning mascara off every day. Therefore, the false claim that your natural eyelashes might be shorter if you removed the extensions isn’t true.

False claim: Lash extensions are a one-size-fits-all solution and my eyelashes will appear like my friend’s eyelashes after she got her eyelash extensions

Fact: All of us have various eye shapes and a different amount of natural eyelashes. What does that mean? It means that eyelash extensions may be (and ought to be) custom-made just for YOU. Also, it means that your eyelash extensions might not appear like your friend’s eyelash extensions since both of you have various eye shapes and various amounts of natural eyelashes. Here at Lashes by Lisa, we specialize in customized and safe lash extensions.

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Facts About Eyelash Shedding

The cycle of shedding is a healthy aspect of the eyelash growth process and shouldn’t cause you any alarm. Even if you consistently get eyelash extensions, the cycle still goes on. It is important that you know the key stages in the eyelash shedding cycle, why shedding occurs, and how it’ll affect natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions.

 Growth Phase

Also called anagen, the growth phase is the first lash cycle stage. How long anagen will last is genetically determined and will vary between the sexes and from person to person. Usually, it lasts from 30 to 45 days.

Transition Phase

Also known as catagen, the growth stage is followed up by this brief transition stage. Once eyelashes in the growth stage reach their designated length, they’ll stop growing, your hair follicle shrinks, and they’ll move on to this transition stage. This stage lasts from 2 to 3 weeks (14 to 21 days).

Shedding/Resting Phase

The shedding/resting phase is additionally known as telogen. This stage lasts from 3 to 4 months. In this time, a new hair starts to grow from your hair follicle. When it grows upwards, the old hair naturally will shed or might be pulled out. Shedding is a portion of the normal process of the replacement of old lashes with new ones. The new eyelash emerges from the exact same opening at the skin’s surface as the old one then the eyelash cycle starts again.

Each hair on the body follows a certain growth cycle, which includes our lashes. Eyelash shedding is a healthy aspect of the process of hair growth and shouldn’t cause any alarm – even with eyelash extensions, which is the reason why we are sharing ten facts about eyelash shedding.

  1. On average, an individual will lose up to 20 percent of their natural eyelashes every 2 weeks.
  1. Natural lashes fall out and grow in within cycles, which happens every 60 – 90 days.
  1. All hairs, which includes lashes, replace themselves every couple of years.
  1. Depending upon their individual growth cycles, an individual typically can shed between 1 to 5 natural eyelashes each day.
  1. As a natural eyelash matures then falls out, a new eyelash already has been growing and rapidly replaces the fallen eyelash. For most of us, this process isn’t noticed.
  1. When lashes are extended with high-quality extensions, it’ll be more visible when these eyelashes shed because they’re darker and longer than your natural eyelashes.
  1. As an experienced stylist applies an eyelash extension set, one synthetic eyelash is connected with one natural eyelash. You’ll see that when the natural eyelash sheds – so will the eyelash extension.
  1. If you’ve ever seen how the hair sheds more during specific seasons, you’ve likely noticed your eyelashes shedding in the same seasons, as well. It’s referred to as ‘seasonal molting’.
  1. Without or with extensions, the process of shedding is perfectly normal.

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The Facts About Eyelash Growth

As a youngster, you might’ve liked finding a stray lash on your cheek, so it would be possible to blow it off your finger then make a wish. As an adult, you may be less thrilled to see your lashes falling out. It is natural to wonder if they’ll ever come back. However, just like the hair on your head, lashes grow, fall out, then regrow again within a natural cycle.

Why do lashes fall out?

If you use mascara and your lashes excessively fall out, you might be allergic to the product. Or you might be applying your mascara too roughly. Excessive lash loss also may be an indication of an underlying clinical condition.

These may include:

Extreme lash loss also can be caused by an inflammation of the eyelids, blepharitis. Blepharitis may be caused by a trauma, infection, or allergy.

You also may experience a temporary lash loss if you’re going through chemotherapy.

If there is a clinical reason for your lash loss, your physician might have the ability to treat the underlying cause. It may result in the return of normal lash growth.

If there is not a core cause for your lash loss and you want to speed lash growth up, there are many medically sound ways to do it.

 How to speed regrowth up

It’s possible to speed up lash growth in multiple ways:

Consume a healthy diet

Great nutrition supports lash growth, and overall health. Below we list some nutrients which might help lash production.

Protein: Your hair makes up mostly protein; therefore, a diet that is high in this building block is critical. Protein offers your body amino acids, which are necessary to generate keratin. Keratin may assist eyelashes in remaining strong and healthy.

Biotin: Also, biotin supports the production of keratin. It is found in several foods, which includes:

  • whole grains
  • Onions
  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • nuts

Vegetables and fruits that contain vitamins C and A: These vegetables and fruits assist in encouraging lash growth by supporting collagen and cell production. Options involve:

  • dark yellow and orange vegetables and fruits
  • avocados
  • berries

Niacin: Vitamin B-3 (Niacin) assists in improving blood flow to hair follicles and stimulates growth. Niacin is discovered in:

  • avocados
  • Green peas
  • Peanuts
  • Turkey
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • chicken

Iron: A diet that lacks iron may cause many lashes to go into their resting stage at one time. Consuming foods that are rich in iron might aid in preventing this. These involve:

  • iron-fortified cereals
  • Beans
  • Seafood
  • Poultry
  • Dried fruit
  • Leafy, dark greens like spinach

Consume multivitamins

It’s possible to supplement your diet using a multivitamin that ensures you are getting essential nutrients. Even though numerous brands are especially geared towards nail, skin, and hair health, any quality multivitamin ought to do the trick. Be certain the one you pick offers 100% of the suggested daily consumption.

Utilize over-the-counter eyelash conditioning treatments

It’s possible to find an array of lash growth conditioning gels and serums.

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Can I Use Eyelash Curl After My Eyelash Extensions Application?

The ones of us who have super-thin, stick-straight, or stubby lashes consider lash extensions the best beauty invention since mascara. The ideal choice for the ones too impatient for Latisse or much too busy conquering the world to swipe on 3 mascara coats each morning, a one-hour-long appointment with an extension expert is going to leave you with sky-scraping, fluttery, full lashes. However, your fringe eventually must come to an end. Enter in lash extension maintenance—an idea which might sound daunting yet actually is fully manageable so long as you have the best specialist-approved ideas in tow.

Go Lighter

The thicker the extensions, the heavier they are, and the more they’ll fall out and peel. It is recommended to always ask the lash expert for lighter individual lashes around the .07 millimeters to .05 millimeters range, which are going to remain on longer than heavier eyelashes.

 Mind the Eyes

Your rich night cream might help you rise with a plump complexion, yet it isn’t doing your extensions any favors. Avoid the eye area if you have to use heavy night creams. Oils from the cream are going to break up the glue and lead to the lashes prematurely falling out.

Seal It

Applying a lash sealer each morning is going to keep the lashes in place longer. It is recommended to use this one from Blink that contains an acrylic, as well as hyaluronic serum that helps the extensions stick and stay conditioned and healthy.

Rest on Your Back

For stomach sleepers it’s bad news: Sleeping with your face that is pushed into the pillow may cause the extensions to fall out faster. Rather, always attempt to rest on your back for ultimate lash extension maintenance. That way, lashes are going to stay in place and untouched while you sleep.

Curl Factor

Always tell the aesthetician to select extensions which are like the shape of your natural eyelashes. If you get curly lashes and your very own eyelashes are straight, they’ll prematurely fall off. Straight-lashed girls—there still is hope. It is recommended to use a heated eyelash curler on the extensions afterward to amp up your curl.

 Stay Away from Waterproof Formulas

 Even though you do not need to wear mascara as you have lash extensions, occasionally you may want to add some additional drama to your appearance. In that case, stay away from waterproof formulas, as they are a lot harder to take off and all that tugging is bad news for the life of your extensions.

Be Gentle

Generally, one key for lash extension maintenance includes avoiding touching the eye area. If you have to remove your makeup, it is recommended to use a low-alkaline, mild soap and always use an oil-free make-up remover. After showering, it’s possible to blow-dry the lashes on the coolest, lightest setting. Then brush them out and down– lightly and without an overabundance of pressure—which is going to assist them in growing in the same direction.

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6 Things Your Lash Artist Thinks You Should Know

As a lash customer, you likely know some important things—that you should always have a clean spoolie available, that no mascara is the better mascara, and any service which includes a one-hour long nap is worth integrating into your life. However, your lash artist has some more spots of wisdom to share that will take you from lash novice to master customer. Here, we list 6 things your lash artist thinks you should know:

Longer lash extensions do not always mean more dramatic

Customers ought to know that shorter lashes may accomplish a bolder and fuller look. Oftentimes, longer lash extensions cause a whispie—almost ‘spidery’ – impact. Some customers like that look, yet some do not! It is important that you know precisely what type of result you are going for before you request long extensions to obtain a ‘dramatic’ set.

Not every volume set is created equal

There are volume lash levels; advanced volume and beginner volume. Remember the skill level, experience, and kind of volume lashing the lash artist is able to execute when arranging your session to align your expectations with the results. Advanced volume touts the uniform, dark lash line which is all over Instagram and sometimes can only be accomplished after decades of honing in on the craft.

Do not be shy

As a lash artist, we want to ensure that you have the best experience you can while getting your eyelashes done! Within the service, if you’re in any pain—like burning, or the eye pads or tape are rubbing your eyes, make us aware so that we have the ability to immediately prevent eye irritation or redness.

 Clean your lashes

Do not come to your appointment with dirty lashes. As a courtesy to the stylist, brush and cleanse your lashes before the fill. It’ll give the stylist more time lashing, and the retention of the new set is going to be incredible. Cleaner bonds equal better retention. Imagine it this way: who visits the dentist without first brushing?

Cat-eye styling is not for everyone

Often with false lashes, cat-eye styling will make your eyes appear larger. However, this does not translate well to extensions—that, unlike strip lashes, utilize the natural lashes as a base. The eye lashes on the outer eye will naturally grow shorter, and often do not have the ability to support the weight of super-long extensions. Therefore, overloading the ends with ultra-long extensions will create a winged, droopy effect—which is not flattering for anybody. Forgo the cat eye, instead, and ask for a styling in which the longest lengths are between the outer and mid eye.

Skip your caffeine

Drinking caffeine before the lash session may cause the eyes to twitch or flutter. It may be a nightmare as it’ll come to getting every lash correctly bonded and isolated. And not to mention, it is possibly dangerous—think sharp tweezers. Do not drink caffeine at least an hour before your session, and the lash artist will be so happy!

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