Can I Wear Mascara While I Have Lash Extensions?

Generally, it isn’t recommended to use mascara with your lash extensions. The primary reason why is simple: the entire point of lash extensions is that they already appear fuller, longer, and darker. In other words, they are made to appear as if you already have worn mascara at all times. One benefit of lash extensions is that you would never need to put on mascara while you still have them.

Therefore, the simple answer is that if you’re going to get lash extensions, you likely are receiving them with the concept in mind that you may cut out mascara from your normal beauty regimen. Also, it depends on the material of your lash extensions as some are less likely to require mascara.

Occasionally You May Want Additional Mascara

But, occasionally there may be a situation in which you would still have a desire to apply mascara to your lash extensions. Perhaps the lashes you selected are smaller or finer, or there is a special occasion in which you actually want them to appear thicker and fuller. Your lash extensions also might be older, and they may have some gaps, and mascara may assist in covering those gaps and damaging in the short run before you get them replaced or touched up.

However, to retain their even and optimal appearance, it is suggested that you go in for a touch up instead of relying on mascara too long. It’s because overuse will make them appear crusty and will increase the opportunities of them becoming damaged, much too damaged to be saved.

Kinds of Products to Use

If you do choose to apply mascara for any of the aforementioned reasons, be advised that you ought to be particular of which mascara you use and how to use it. First off, you only should use water-based products. Never apply waterproof or oil-based mascara products as they’ll either dissolve the glue that holds your lash extensions to your eyelids.

Even if the lashes survive that, the products and process utilized to take off the mascara could damage the eyelashes or dissolve the glue. Therefore, be certain that the makeup removal product and mascara are both very light and water-based, otherwise you are wasting your money to obtain the extensions in the first place.

Ways to Apply Mascara to Extensions

You will need to be very careful as you apply and take off the mascara from your lash extensions, as well. While applying, avoid applying it to the roots of the extensions and only focus on the middle to the tip. Putting on too much mascara from your base to the tip will make them heavier, probably pulling the eyelashes out, and making it more challenging to remove it afterwards. If you discover that the mascara pulls on your eyelashes too much they might be weakened or damaged. When you remove them, only apply oil-free makeup remover for precisely the same reasons.

For more information on wearing mascara with lash extensions contact the experienced permanent makeup professional services of Lashes by Lisa today!

Summer is Here, Time to get Sweat-Proof Brows

Ah, summer. That wonderful time of year where the weather is nice enough that we can stroll through parks, go swimming and enjoy the outdoors. Here in Winnipeg, it often goes above 30 degrees in the hottest months; all that swimming and sweating can ruin makeup really easily! This summer, you don’t have to worry about your perfect eyebrows running to ruin because of water; you can get sweat-proof brows using permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is nothing like it used to be; in the 90s, the media liked to poke fun at what they thought of as face tattoos. The process for permanent makeup today still takes from the principles of tattooing, but uses new processes like microblading and nano-needling. This allows the technician to create eyebrows that look incredibly natural, with a mix of fine and thicker pseudo-hairs.

The pigments used in permanent makeup are also much improved from before; your technician will work with you to find one that works perfectly with your skin and hair, so your eyebrows will always look perfect. Techniques and training for permanent makeup have also vastly improved, so it’s more important than ever to find an experienced technician whose skills are up to the task of creating the perfect brow. The machinery has been updated too, and injects the pigments less deeply into the skin, while still creating a look that will last.

Microblading has a ton of advantages over traditional makeup. The process makes your eyebrow sweat and waterproof, so you’ll look beautiful no matter where summer takes you. The process will also save you money and time! You won’t have to buy expensive makeup for your eyebrows on the regular, and you’ll save time anytime you’re going out. Permanent makeup last years, but if for whatever reason you want to change, it’s easy enough to. Permanent is a bit of a misnomer here, because microblading typically lasts from 12-18 months; you can get touch ups done whenever you need to, so the beautiful look is easy to maintain. This is because the pigments used in microblading are specifically designed to be gentle on your face and to fade over time, allowing easy modification to the brow if necessary.

Sweat-proof brows can be yours this summer, and it’s even possible to get other sweat-proof permanent makeup too! There are special new techniques to give you fuller looking lips, permanent eyeliner, and more. The procedures must be done by an experienced permanent makeup professional for results that are safe, long-lasting and beautiful. More and more women agree that permanent makeup is a great solution for a world where we’re always on the go; National Women’s Show says that it’s making a comeback now that it’s so much better than twenty years ago. Permanent makeup can make you look beautiful 24/7, and we’re pretty sure this technique will stand the test of time, just like it’s name suggests.

How Long do Eyelash Extensions Really Last?

Eyelash extensions are an exciting way to get full, long, beautiful looking lashes. Unlike mascara and false eyelashes, extensions last for a very long time; with proper care and upkeep, your eyelashes can effectively be extended forever! Here’s some information about how long extensions last, how upkeep can help, and how often to see your eyelash technician.

Eyelash extensions are most often synthetic mink; this means that the material and adhesive used for the extensions is extremely long lasting. The challenge when it comes to longevity isn’t the material used; it’s the eyelashes themselves! As growing parts of our body, eyelashes will fall out and new ones will grow; this is called the growth cycle. The eyelash growth cycle takes place in three phases: the anagen (growth) phase, catagen (transition) phase and telogen (resting) phase. Any number of your lashes can be in one of these three phases at any time

This means, thankfully, that not all of our lashes will fall out at once; they’re all at different points in their growth cycle! This is why regular touch-ups with your technician are an essential part of long-lasting extensions; by reapplying to new lashes, we can maintain the beautiful look that your extensions give. This is why it’s hard to pin an exact “lifespan” on extensions; it all depends on which specific lash we’re looking at.

There are a few tips to keep your extensions looking their best between visits to your technician. First, try to sleep on your back so that your lashes will be less prone to rubbing against your pillow. Make sure to use gentle makeup removers, and to apply them very carefully, so as to avoid friction with the lashes and their adhesive. It’s a great idea to apply a bit of gentle lubricant, like baby oil, onto your lashes in order to have them looking their best; just be sure to wait at least 24 hours after having them applied to do so. You should also avoid playing with your lashes as best you can; sometimes, you may notice a lash is a bit out of place, and be tempted to pull at it. Remember, this is probably because the natural lash that the extension is adhered to has reached the end of its lifecycle, and if it’s been a couple of weeks since you’ve seen your technician, it might be a good idea to go in and get a touch-up done.

With proper maintenance and care, your eyelash extensions will look like they last forever. Even though touch-ups have to be done on the regular, so long as you keep on top of it you’ll love your look for life. For your eyelash extensions get in contact with Lashes by Lisa; we’ll go over all the steps for proper maintenance with you, and give you a schedule for touch-ups. Our services will have your lashes looking their best year-round; don’t hesitate to stop by for a consultation!

How Often Should Eyelash Extensions Be Replaced?

Having beautiful, full eyelashes year round without applying makeup or false lashes sounds amazing. Eyelash extensions can seem too good to be true; for a few hours work, you get weeks of results. The natural cycle of your eyelashes means that, with no touch-ups or replacements, your extensions will eventually fall out. This leaves many wondering: how often do eyelash extensions need to be replaced?

The Natural Lash Dilemma

Natural eyelashes are in a constant growth cycle. This means the individual lashes of your eye will grow, fall out, and be replaced by new lashes. Eyelash extensions are carefully adhered to your lashes one by one, so when one lash falls out, one extension falls out. The lashes of your eye are all on different cycles of growth, so it’s almost impossible to say which eyelash will fall out next.

Do I Have to Get a Replacement Every Time a Lash Falls Out?

Extensions would be a real pain if everytime a lash fell out you needed to go back. Fortunately, this isn’t the case, as eyelash extensions are designed to look natural and beautiful even if some individual lashes have fallen off your eye. The best way to maintain a natural look is to get a touchup done every couple of weeks. Proper maintenance of your extensions is also important; be sure to try to sleep on your back and avoid too much contact with the lashes to avoid having to go back on a more regular basis. Without touch ups, eyelash extensions last for about six to eight weeks.

How Long do They Last with Touch Ups?

With touch ups, eyelash extensions last…forever! There are plenty of stories with women who have had eyelash extensions for six years or more. These women love the look that extensions give them, and the time they save by not having to put on mascara every day. The initial extensions may take quite some time to apply, but touch ups can usually be done in under an hour; when you think of the time and effort saved over applying mascara daily, and you compare the dramatic look of extensions, it’s easy to see why many who choose extensions never go back.

The best way to make sure you have great looking extensions is to visit a technician with a lot of experience, and one who you trust. Choosing a type of extension can be a lot of fun, and a good technician will work with you to choose a style that works best with your eye and aesthetic. Listen to the care tips your technician will give you in order to ensure your extensions look their best, and you’ll be able to extend your extension for as long as possible.

Get in touch with Lashes by Lisa for lash extensions in Winnipeg; remember, getting regular touch ups is more cost and time efficient than getting new extensions every couple of months, so care for your extensions and come in for a touch up every couple of weeks.

First Time Getting Eyelash Extensions? What You Need to Know

Getting eyelash extensions for the first time is pretty exciting! Extensions give you fuller, longer looking lashes, a youthful appearance, and best of all, you won’t need to use mascara to get the look you want! The first time you get extensions done, you may have a few questions; here, we’ll go through some things you should know.

When you go for your first extension, make sure that your eyelashes haven’t been treated in any way; that means no mascara or curling. Makeup you might wear on the eyelids can be problematic too; oily skin care products, eye cream and waterproof eye makeup can all interfere with the adhesive used to apply the extension; your best bet is to go to your appointment completely bare-faced.

Oftentimes, people hope that their extensions can be done in a lunch break; this is not the case, and you should plan accordingly. Extensions can take upwards of two hours to apply; no two people’s eyelashes are exactly the same, and your technician will want to take the time to make sure your extensions look natural and beautiful. For your first time, you may want to opt for a half-set, so you have a better idea how the extensions will work with your natural lashes; lashes on the shorter and thinner side will need more touch-ups than otherwise.

You should know that the risk of lash extensions is extremely low. Rarely, someone may have an allergic reaction to the adhesive; if you feel any discomfort or pain during the process, let your technician know right away! Extensions are done with your eyes closed, so there’s no risk of the adhesive entering into your eye.

In the 24 hours after getting extensions, there’s a few things you want to keep in mind. First, avoid getting the lashes wet at all costs. This means no oil based makeup or makeup remover; for a non-oil based makeup remover, you might try micellar water. This also means no swimming, no saunas, no water-based activities. It’s unlikely that you’ll want to use mascara after getting your lashes done, but if you do, avoid using waterproof mascara. Finally, avoid rubbing your eyes for the first day while the lashes set properly. After 24 hours is up, you can resume life as normal with your gorgeous new look.

Extensions are long-lasting, but touch-ups on the regular are a necessary part of care. Keep in touch with your technician, and try to visit around twice a month to keep your lashes looking luscious. Lash extensions are designed not to harm your natural lashes; they work with, and not against, your lashes’ natural structure.

Winnipeg eyelash extensions professional Lisa loves first-time clients, and will be more than happy to discuss exactly how she can help you with all your eyelash extension needs. Get in contact with Lashes by Lisa if you have any questions, or if you’d like to book an appointment; we’ll be more than happy to go over options with you.

Myths About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions comparison

We oftentimes see a variety of posts about lash extensions and while most share accurate information, there are several that don’t. Today we’re sharing five lash extension myths which aren’t so true. Do you have any questions about lash extensions? Ask Lashes by Lisa; we would like to set the record straight!

1st Myth: Extensions may damage natural lashes

As you mix a trained lash stylist with correct application methods, and premium products, your natural lashes won’t be damaged. Within the process of lash application, it is vital to the health of your lashes to have every natural hair isolated as an extension is stuck to it, as well as ensure correct separation in order for the hairs to continue to grow and shed as they naturally would. At Lashes by Lisa, we just use medical-grade, formaldehyde-free adhesives that are exclusively made for lash extensions. The blend of individual lash attachment and high-quality adhesive will indefinitely maintain the integrity and health of natural lash hairs.

2nd Myth: Natural lashes are going to be shorter when/if the extensions are taken off

As lash extensions are put on by a skilled lash stylist, the natural lashes are permitted to grow as normal. Women who do not have lash extensions typically apply and take off mascara on a daily basis. The slight pulling of the lashes and application while putting on mascara followed by the rubbing and cleaning of the eyes to take off the mascara greatly can damage the lashes. With the right lash extension application, there won’t be any damage and the lashes ought to grow better than they might if you were applying, cleaning off, and wearing mascara every day.

3rd Myth: Extensions are a one-size-fits-all solution

All of us have different eye shapes and all of us have a different amount of natural lashes, meaning lash extensions may be custom-made just for you. Reputable lash salons and stylists will have the ability to custom-make a lash look and style all your own like we do here at Lashes by Lisa.

4th Myth: Having extensions applied will hurt

The procedure of having extensions applied doesn’t hurt. In fact, it is an extremely relaxing experience and the majority of clients even take a nap! No discomfort is involved within the application.

5th Myth: You cannot wash your eyes or face when you have extensions

False! It is more important than ever to keep the eye area and lashes clean when you get lash extensions. Before extensions, most clients had a consistent regimen of washing and cleaning their eyes and face. This regimen does not need to change. But, the way you clean your eye area and face and the products you utilize might need to change. Using extension friendly cleanser and being gentle close to the eye area is extremely important. You should always avoid oil-based cleansing products.

For more myths about eyelash extensions feel free to contact our Winnipeg eyelash extensions professional services at Lashes by Lisa today!

How to Choose the Right Lash Extension for Your Eye Shape

Eyelash Extensions Winnipeg MB

Being eyelash extension professionals, naturally, eye shapes will play a huge part as it’ll come to creating an eyelash extension plan for our clientele. Therefore, I wanted to share our professional tips, so you can take advantage and obtain the best results out of your beauty and your eyes. What eye shape are you?


Almond eye shapes are perceived in conventional beauty standards as the ‘most gorgeous’ eye shape. The outside corner of the eye is slightly upturned and wider.

Wide Set

While designing for this shape of eye, the emphasis is concentrated on the inside corners of the eye, to craft the illusion that they’re closer together than what they really are. Cat eye looks aren’t ideal for wide set eyes as they pull the emphasis to the eye’s outside corners.

Close Set

Close-set eyes benefit from focusing on the eye’s outer corners; therefore, it’s the location we lash the longest and heaviest to draw attention away from the eye’s inner corners.


The way to disguise a downturned eye is lifting. Utilizing a stronger curl at the outside ends and keeping eyelash extensions short for the first part of the outside corners ensures that the downturned eyes aren’t emphasized. Point of emphasis ought to be between the beginning of the iris and pupil while peering straight ahead.


Oftentimes coupled with hooded eyes, small eye shapes may be made to appear even smaller using heavy lashing. Open small eyes up with a strong curl and focus on the middle of your eye.


The harm while using eyelash extensions with hooded eye shapes is that if lashed too heavily, eyes may seem closed off and smaller. The goal for hooded eyes includes opening them up as much as you can. Lashes by Lisa does that by utilizing a stronger curl and focusing on the middle of your eye.


Like hooded eyes, Asian eye shapes usually lack a crease inside the eyelid, which make opening the eye a concentration for these eyes. Usually, Asian eyelashes are straight and downward pointing; therefore, “L” shaped curls can be used to counteract downward pointing eyelashes.

Deep Set

As its name suggests, deep-set eye shapes are characterized by the eyes being held further back inside the eye socket They’re usually large eyes and may be overshadowed by your brow bone. These eyes are prone to appearing very aged and heavy; therefore, it is good to utilize a stronger curl in these eyes to provide a bit of light and lift. Heavy lashing isn’t suggested for this shape.


Protruding eyes, the opposite of deep-set, bulge from your eye socket and may be extremely overpowering on your face. Subdue the appearance of protruding eyes with a soft J or B curl eyelash extension, and cat eyes that elongate the eye, instead of opening it further.


For more information on lash extensions in Winnipeg, contact Lashes by Lisa today!

Can I Apply Falsies Over My Lash Extensions?

False eyelashes

A full set of lash extensions can offer your eyes plenty of volume, darkness, and fullness to make you want to leave your strip lashes behind forever. This is a semi-permanent solution that may end up being more cost-effective than constantly replacing high-end falsies. However, some people want bigger and more noticeable lashes than what lash extensions can even offer. Maybe they are headed to a special event or a night on the town that makes them want more than what most products provide. Can you supplement lash extensions with a set of falsies?

If you think that you might want to supplement your lashes, you should read on to find out more about whether this is a good idea or not.

How much experience do you have?

The biggest factor in whether you should apply falsies along with your lash extensions is how much experience you have. The placement has to be just right to avoid damaging your expensive set of lash extensions. It should be placed just above your natural and extended lashes to prevent any of the adhesive from damaging or pulling out your extensions. If you position them too close to your natural lash line in an attempt to avoid them looking like false eyelashes, you could inadvertently ruin your lash extensions.

The second thing that you must know how to apply is the adhesive. It is imperative to apply only a small amount of adhesive to keep it from running into your lash extensions and ruining them. However, you also need enough adhesive to prevent embarrassing mishaps like having your falsies fall off on the middle of the dance floor. Experience should be able to tell you how much adhesive is truly necessary to keep your falsies on without running into your extensions.

Is it worth the risk?

When you remove the falsies after a night of fun, you do run the risk of removing some of your lash extensions and natural lashes along with them. This risk applies no matter what type of extensions you might have and how careful you were to apply the falsies. You have to really consider whether applying those falsies is going to be worth the potential damage to your natural lashes and the extensions you have already applied.

The reality is that your lash extensions already offer you a tremendous amount of volume and thickness. Depending on the type, you can even have extra length added to your natural lashes. This should be everything you need to appear glamorous at all times without the need for additional falsies applied over top. You want to take all of the precautions to protect your beautiful lash extensions and skipping the falsies is the very first step.

While you can apply falsies over your lash extensions, it is not recommended to try this style. You should protect your eyelash extensions at all costs. When you’re ready to try lash extensions for the first time, be sure to give Lashes by Lisa a call!

The Difference Between Mink, Silk, and Fur Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions comparison

What type of eyelash extensions should you choose: mink, silk, or fur? Whether you are a first-timer or an old pro, deciding what type of eyelash extensions you want can require major research. There are advantages and disadvantages to all three of the major types of lashes that are available on today’s market. You can use this short guide to help you make a decision about which type of lash extensions is going to be right for you!

Mink Eyelashes

Mink eyelashes are the classic material for anyone who has been putting on false lashes for an extended period of time. These very closely resemble your natural lashes with a lower sheen that makes them less noticeable as falsies. They are extremely lightweight and have some of the most volume, despite their finely tapered shape.

When most people think of mink eyelashes, they imagine the custom sets created by professionals to match your unique eye shape. This service allows you to take full advantage of the many benefits that mink eyelashes have to offer you. Mink lashes are more expensive than silk eyelashes, so be prepared for a sharp increase in your budget.

Silk Eyelashes

Silk lashes are made of a synthetic-based silk fiber that can hold some curl better than true silk lashes would ever be able to. They have a great natural sheen to them that makes them super appealing, even without the use of makeup. You can create a great deal of volume and drama with these lashes, particularly given that many of them are longer in length. They tend to be some of the least expensive eyelashes available.

Many of these create fine and natural lashes that hold up better than the alternatives. If you’re interested in saving money and putting on silk lashes at home, you should know that silk eyelashes can even be used multiple times if you take proper care of them.

Fur Eyelashes

Mink eyelashes are typically made of a synthetic fiber that is very similar to real mink fur. However, some people insist that they need the real deal. Fur eyelashes offer just that with the classic velvety fur that offers the softest eyelashes on the market. These will very closely resemble your natural lashes but longer. Keep in mind that these will cost far more than either of the other two types of lashes.

You should also know that fur eyelashes get their shape from perming that is applied before they are placed. This might relax some over time, requiring extra styling and curling from you at home. Be prepared for this extra maintenance step before you have fur lashes put on.

Deciding what type of lashes to get can be extremely difficult, particularly if your budget is of no issue. This guide to the top three materials should give you a great starting point before you have lash extensions in Winnipeg. Contact Lashes by Lisa for any other questions you might have about these extensions!

Caring for Your Lash Extensions During the Summer

With summer on its way, you might be wondering whether you need to take a break from your lash extensions during these hot months. You may be planning on going on holiday to the beach, going swimming in the local pool, or any number of other activities that you fear could damage your lashes. However, you still want to get those beautiful lashes that are always ready with minimal upkeep in the morning. You have to find a way to take care of them and still enjoy the summer festivities.

What can you really do to care for your lash extensions during the summer while still enjoying the weather? Take a look at these top tips to keep your lashes looking long and luscious all summer long!

Wear sunglasses

The heat from the sun can damage the bond that your lash adhesive has with your eyelids. If you are going to spend a lot of time out in the sun, it’s recommended that you purchase a great pair of shades. This can help to shield your eyes from the sun, protect your lashes, and make you look great all at the same time!

Steer clear of chlorine

Chlorine can definitely do some damage to the adhesive on your eyelashes. You might need to stay out of the pool altogether if you can’t find a way to avoid the splashing. If you are like the many people who enjoy swimming during the summertime, you should invest in a pair of goggles to protect your lashes from the chlorine. Be diligent about putting these goggles on each and every time you dip beneath the surface of the water.

When you get out of the pool, you should take a few measures to ensure that there is no lingering chlorine on your lashes. Rinse them thoroughly under cool water and pat your face dry with a clean towel. The same goes for ocean water.

Use oil-free sunscreen

Just because you have fake lashes doesn’t mean that you should skip the sunscreen. Protect your skin from the harsh and damaging rays of the sun with oil-free versions. It would be best to keep this available in lotion form instead of sprays that can get caught in your lash extensions. Keep it far away from your lashes whenever possible because the chemicals can eat through the adhesive.

Invest in blotting papers

Blotting papers cost only a few dollars at the drug store but they create a great deal of security for your lash extensions. By keeping the oil off your eyelids and away from the adhesive, you can make your lash extensions last significantly longer. This is a must-have item for those with oily skin in general, but particularly in the summer heat.

When you’re ready to boost your beauty and make a statement with longer lashes, you need the Winnipeg eyelash extensions professional. Let Lashes by Lisa transform your appearance just in time for the summer fun!