Can I Wear Mascara While I Have Lash Extensions?

Generally, it isn’t recommended to use mascara with your lash extensions. The primary reason why is simple: the entire point of lash extensions is that they already appear fuller, longer, and darker. In other words, they are made to appear as if you already have worn mascara at all times. One benefit of lash extensions is that you would never need to put on mascara while you still have them.

Therefore, the simple answer is that if you’re going to get lash extensions, you likely are receiving them with the concept in mind that you may cut out mascara from your normal beauty regimen. Also, it depends on the material of your lash extensions as some are less likely to require mascara.

Occasionally You May Want Additional Mascara

But, occasionally there may be a situation in which you would still have a desire to apply mascara to your lash extensions. Perhaps the lashes you selected are smaller or finer, or there is a special occasion in which you actually want them to appear thicker and fuller. Your lash extensions also might be older, and they may have some gaps, and mascara may assist in covering those gaps and damaging in the short run before you get them replaced or touched up.

However, to retain their even and optimal appearance, it is suggested that you go in for a touch up instead of relying on mascara too long. It’s because overuse will make them appear crusty and will increase the opportunities of them becoming damaged, much too damaged to be saved.

Kinds of Products to Use

If you do choose to apply mascara for any of the aforementioned reasons, be advised that you ought to be particular of which mascara you use and how to use it. First off, you only should use water-based products. Never apply waterproof or oil-based mascara products as they’ll either dissolve the glue that holds your lash extensions to your eyelids.

Even if the lashes survive that, the products and process utilized to take off the mascara could damage the eyelashes or dissolve the glue. Therefore, be certain that the makeup removal product and mascara are both very light and water-based, otherwise you are wasting your money to obtain the extensions in the first place.

Ways to Apply Mascara to Extensions

You will need to be very careful as you apply and take off the mascara from your lash extensions, as well. While applying, avoid applying it to the roots of the extensions and only focus on the middle to the tip. Putting on too much mascara from your base to the tip will make them heavier, probably pulling the eyelashes out, and making it more challenging to remove it afterwards. If you discover that the mascara pulls on your eyelashes too much they might be weakened or damaged. When you remove them, only apply oil-free makeup remover for precisely the same reasons.

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