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Can You Go in the Pool with Eyelash Extensions?

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Summer is finally in full swing and you want to know what you can do with your new lash extensions. Most people want to know if it’s safe to wear them to the beach when they go on holiday or just at the local pool. After all, swimming is the third most practiced sport in Canada. You don’t want to have to give it up just because you love the long and beautiful lashes that your beauty professional applied. Will going in the pool with your new eyelashes ruin them or the adhesive?


There can be a lot of mixed advice out there on whether your eyelash extensions can survive the chlorinated water of the swimming pool. Here are a few general guidelines that can help to answer your questions and prepare you for the summer season ahead.


Can I Go in the Pool?


First and foremost, we are going to answer your biggest question. You can definitely go in the pool, but it is recommended to keep your exposure to the chlorine to a minimum. Ocean water is a much safer alternative for your new lash extensions, but the swimming pool can be fine on occasion. The most important thing is to give your eyelashes plenty of time to dry and setup before you head into the water. Just like you can’t shower for the first 24 hours, you should also avoid getting into the pool for the first day.


Don’t Touch


The biggest reason that many people have issues with their eyelashes at the swimming pool is that they tend to rub the water and chlorine out of their eyes. This abrasion and tugging are what will ultimately cause the most damage to your lashes. Even rubbing your face with a towel to get the water out of your eyes can cause damage to the adhesive. Remember to pat your face dry instead of rubbing it vigorously.


Cover Your Eyes


If you are an avid swimmer who simply can’t take a break from the water, be sure to wear a pair of goggles. This is advised for anyone who is going to spend prolonged periods of time in the water, particularly if you will be underwater or swimming laps. Goggles may not be the most attractive items, but they allow you to swim without causing damage to your lash extensions.


Rinse Your Face


When you’re finished at the pool, you need to rinse your lashes off with some cool water to get rid of the pool chemicals. Be thorough and take your time to ensure that all of the chlorine has been washed away. This should only take a minute, but it can ultimately help to protect your lashes far better. Remember to pat your face dry instead of trying to rub the water away.
Are you ready to take the plunge this summer and have your eyelash extensions applied by an experienced permanent makeup professional? Give Lashes by Lisa a call today!


Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

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Are you still on the fence about whether you want eyelash extensions? According to one study, more than ten percent of people have already opted for eyelash extensions. It’s hard to imagine what they will be like until you get a full set of your very own. Unfortunately, a set of eyelash extensions can be very expensive, causing many women to wonder if they are truly worth the price they pay. Once you have your own full set, you’ll know that those eyelash extensions are worth every penny.

Here are a few things that I wish I knew before my very first set of eyelash extensions. Maybe it will help you to take the first leap to have your own lashes taken care of by a professional.

Makeup can be used sparingly

One of the best aspects of having eyelash extensions put on is that you can limit the amount of makeup you wear. Are you accustomed to wearing thick layers of black mascara to make your eyes pop and lengthen your lashes? It’s no longer necessary with a full set of lash extensions. The lashes can be put on thick and long, negating the need for much eye makeup at all.

Keep your hands off the lashes

It can be tempting to rub your eyes or touch your new lashes a few times throughout the day. You really need to be careful with this because you can accidentally upset the lashes and ruin the adhesive. The goal is to keep the adhesive oil-free and intact. This means keeping your hands off and protecting them from harmful chemicals like makeup remover, face washes, and even sweat.

Don’t make any plans for the day of application

While the adhesive is still new, you need to be very careful with your eyelash extensions. This means that you can’t get them wet at all. Avoid sweating, crying, swimming, and washing your face for at least twelve hours after your application. It’s even better if you can go a whole day without getting the new adhesive wet.

After lash extensions, your own lashes will seem much shorter

Do you already feel like your eyelashes are too short and sparse to be attractive without makeup? Things aren’t likely to improve for you after your very first set of eyelash extensions. You’re bound to fall in love with the effortless look that extensions can create on your eyes. With no effort at all, you look like you have long and beautiful lashes that are straight from the pages of a magazine. It will be very hard to return to your normal lashes after that experience.

When you’re ready to try out eyelash extensions for the first time, you need to contact Lashes by Lisa, the experienced body sugaring professional. She can help you to achieve a dramatic look that you will instantly fall in love with. You’ll never look back once you’ve had these extensions put on!

How to Remove My Makeup and Not Damage Lash Extensions

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Having lash extensions installed can dramatically change your appearance for the better. The right shape and length can make your eyes pop, but this effect is only enhanced by the right makeup. Applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, and more can be a fun experience that makes you feel beautiful each morning. The problem is that not many people know how to remove their makeup gently without damaging their lash extensions in the process.

Protect your investment when it comes to your lash extensions. Following these steps will help you remove your makeup without ruining them in the process.

Grab a clean washcloth

Before your lash extensions, you might have been content to remove your eye makeup with a cotton pad. However, this might create more work for you with your long lashes. Cotton pads can leave behind lint in your lashes that is difficult to pick out later. Attempting to remove these individual pieces can cause you to inadvertently pull of your lash extensions. You need a clean washcloth to remove your makeup instead.

Purchase the right type of cleanser

Make sure that you’re only applying gentle cleaners to your lash extensions to avoid damaging them or ruining the adhesive. You may want to avoid some of the more traditional eye makeup removers on the market. Many of the makeup removers you find in the beauty aisles are going to be oil-based. These heavy oils are full of moisture that can loosen up the adhesive on your new extensions.

Oil-based makeup removers may work well for normal situations, but you need something gentler for extensions. The best recommendation is to use a micellar water solution instead. If this isn’t available to you, you might want to try using baby shampoo.

Apply it without scrubbing

Pour the cleanser over the washcloth and hold it up to your eye for thirty seconds. You don’t need to rub at your eye which could damage the extensions. You simply hold it up there and then gently wipe away what remains. There will likely still be some makeup near the lash line, so you will use a cotton swab soaked in the micellar water to get rid of makeup in this spot. Move very gently and slowly, covering the area multiple times only if necessary.

Use makeup wipes if you’re in a hurry

When you travel or need to get somewhere in a hurry, makeup removing wipes could be the best choice. Look for packages that say they are oil-free to make sure they don’t have anything that could damage your extensions. Once again, try not to rub too hard near the eyelash extensions. Work very gently and take your time to get rid of all traces of the day’s makeup.

You don’t have to give up makeup just because you have lash extensions! You simply need to learn how to take care of your new lashes and remove your makeup safely. If you’re ready to change your appearance with extensions, contact Winnipeg’s leading eyelash extensions professional, Lashes by Lisa!

Is There a Better Time of the Year to Have Eyelash Extensions Done?

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Have you ever wondered if now is the perfect time for you to have your eyelash extensions done? Many people hesitate to take the first steps toward getting those luscious lashes they’ve always dreamed about while they wait for the perfect time. They wonder whether winter or summer will give them the best experience as they adjust to taking care of their long mink eyelashes.

The truth is that any time is a great time to have your eyelash extensions done. Winter and summer are both excellent options, but you might find that winter is slightly easier to accommodate new eyelashes than summer. Why is that, you might ask?

Well, you really should avoid waterproof mascara when you have eyelash extensions. It requires more oil-based makeup removers to come off of your eyelashes. This can cause the adhesive to come loose before the estimated time. It can also clump up on fake eyelashes, making it even more difficult to remove without ripping out your extensions at the same time.

Many women prefer to wear waterproof mascara in the summertime because it allows them to flaunt sexy dark lashes while they recline at the pool. Spending an hour at the seashore can be difficult if you don’t have waterproof mascara to keep your lashes from running down your cheeks. If you hesitate to leave the house without your full makeup on, you might not want lash extensions during the summertime.

If this trivial detail doesn’t mean much to you, lash extensions can really be worn year-round. With these extensions on, you could even find that you don’t need to wear mascara to make your eyes a standout feature.

Keep in mind that you will have to stay completely dry for almost one full day after your application. This isn’t the kind of beauty service you can have done and then hop on a plane to go to your vacation destination. The glue has to have time to dry all on its own which means you can’t get your eyes wet at all. You shouldn’t sweat, cry, swim, or even wash your face for one full day if possible.

Not sweating in the summertime could be a real struggle for you. The salt and the water can disrupt the drying process, causing your expensive eyelashes to fall out prematurely. Unless you plan to head straight into the air conditioning, you may have a difficult time keeping yourself cool in the middle of the summer. The best idea is to get them done early in the morning to give yourself a little more travel time before you start to sweat.

Eyelash extensions can be great at any time of the year. Beginners might want to consider waiting for a cooler month so they can better adjust to their new care and maintenance routines. Lisa is Winnipeg’s number one eyelash extensions expert. Let her help you to figure out which eyelash extensions are right for you and schedule the perfect time for your first application.