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Caring for Your Lash Extensions During Winter

It is the most wonderful time of the year—snow will soon begin to fall, Christmas lights will soon be glowing through frosty windows, and holiday party season will soon be in full bloom. However, cozy festivities are not the only things riding in upon the air this winter. Decreasing temperatures and humidity levels may wreak havoc on our hair, skin, and lashes. Dry hair and skin may disrupt the growth cycle of lashes, and cause lashes to prematurely shed and grow more gradually than normal. Plus, the dry, cold air may zap lashes of their moisture, and make them brittle. Therefore, keep your lashes in good condition these cool months by practicing the following winter care tips.


Take vitamins


Whether you are a multivitamin type of person or consume leafy greens like they are going out of style, be certain you are incorporating B, E, and D vitamins into your routine this winter. A few dieticians state that Vitamin B12 strengthens your hair, whereas Vitamin D recently has been connected with hair growth. All three are well-known to promote hair and skin health, and ought to provide your lashes the boost needed to survive the frosty, dry days.


Check labels


As the humidity dips below 80 percent, there only is one cure—moisturizer and a lot of it. However, if you’re moisturizing around your eyes, be certain to look at the ingredients. Wax, glycerin, and oil are the worst enemies for your lash extensions and break down adhesive bonds and cause them to pop off. In order to keep the sets fuller longer, only use oil-free products inside the orbital bone. If the moisturizer you use is oil-based, there will not be a problem. Simply keep it away from the eyes.


Get fills


Arrange consistent fills with your eyelash artist (every two to three weeks) to keep the sets party-ready all winter long. At the fill appointments, the lash artist does not simply apply lash extensions to new eyelashes, he or she replaces and removes any twisted or overgrown extensions, boosts fullness with capping (ask the artist about this!), and keeps an eye on the health of your lashes. If you’re suffering any premature loss of extensions, seasonal shredding, or stress upon your natural lashes, your artist may let you know.


Practice safe steaming


There isn’t anything like a dip inside a hot tub or 10-minute steam to chase the wintertime cold from your bones. Plus, while saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs, are safe for using with extensions, you ought to avoid touching the eyes while you are using them. Extreme heat may soften the adhesive bonds and rubbing the eyes while the bonds are relaxed may cause extensions to pop off. Do not be concerned though, so long as you stay clear of touching the extensions, the lashes will not suffer any side effects from the heat; your lash set will return to normal as soon as the lashes cool again.


For more information on caring for your lash extensions during winter contact the         Winnipeg eyelash extensions professional services of Lashes by Lisa today!


Can I Apply Falsies Over My Lash Extensions?

False eyelashes

A full set of lash extensions can offer your eyes plenty of volume, darkness, and fullness to make you want to leave your strip lashes behind forever. This is a semi-permanent solution that may end up being more cost-effective than constantly replacing high-end falsies. However, some people want bigger and more noticeable lashes than what lash extensions can even offer. Maybe they are headed to a special event or a night on the town that makes them want more than what most products provide. Can you supplement lash extensions with a set of falsies?

If you think that you might want to supplement your lashes, you should read on to find out more about whether this is a good idea or not.

How much experience do you have?

The biggest factor in whether you should apply falsies along with your lash extensions is how much experience you have. The placement has to be just right to avoid damaging your expensive set of lash extensions. It should be placed just above your natural and extended lashes to prevent any of the adhesive from damaging or pulling out your extensions. If you position them too close to your natural lash line in an attempt to avoid them looking like false eyelashes, you could inadvertently ruin your lash extensions.

The second thing that you must know how to apply is the adhesive. It is imperative to apply only a small amount of adhesive to keep it from running into your lash extensions and ruining them. However, you also need enough adhesive to prevent embarrassing mishaps like having your falsies fall off on the middle of the dance floor. Experience should be able to tell you how much adhesive is truly necessary to keep your falsies on without running into your extensions.

Is it worth the risk?

When you remove the falsies after a night of fun, you do run the risk of removing some of your lash extensions and natural lashes along with them. This risk applies no matter what type of extensions you might have and how careful you were to apply the falsies. You have to really consider whether applying those falsies is going to be worth the potential damage to your natural lashes and the extensions you have already applied.

The reality is that your lash extensions already offer you a tremendous amount of volume and thickness. Depending on the type, you can even have extra length added to your natural lashes. This should be everything you need to appear glamorous at all times without the need for additional falsies applied over top. You want to take all of the precautions to protect your beautiful lash extensions and skipping the falsies is the very first step.

While you can apply falsies over your lash extensions, it is not recommended to try this style. You should protect your eyelash extensions at all costs. When you’re ready to try lash extensions for the first time, be sure to give Lashes by Lisa a call!