Debunking Most Common Eyelash Extension Myths

Here in this post today we are going to be sharing the facts about the most common eyelash extension false claims:

False claim: Having eyelash extensions applied might feel uncomfortable or hurt

Fact: The process of getting lash extensions applied doesn’t hurt and never should cause pain if they’re being applied by an experienced lash stylist. The process of eyelash extension application is an extremely relaxing experience and the majority of clients take a nap, or ‘lash naps’ as we refer to them. Therefore, if you’ve ever heard that having eyelash extensions applied may be uncomfortable or hurt, this isn’t true. No discomfort ever should be involved within lash extension applications. What’s involved is a spa-like, luxury experience that will make you relax!

False claim: Lash extensions might damage natural lashes

Fact: As you combine trained lash stylists and premium products with correct application methods, your natural eyelashes never should be damaged. During the process of lash application, it is vital to the health of your eyelashes to have every natural hair isolated as an extension is adhered to it and make sure of correct separation, so the hairs may continuously grow and shed as they naturally would. With Lashes by Lisa, we just use medical-grade, formaldehyde-free adhesives that are exclusively made for eyelash extensions. The blend of our high-quality adhesive in addition to the individual lash attachment is going to indefinitely maintain the integrity and health of your natural lash hairs.

False Claim My natural lashes are going to be shorter when/if I choose to have my lash extensions removed

Fact: As eyelash extensions are applied by an experienced lash stylist, your natural eyelashes are permitted to grow as they normally would. Women who do not have eyelash extensions typically remove and apply mascara on a daily basis. The application and slight tugging of eyelashes while putting on mascara followed up by the rubbing and cleaning of your eyes to take off the mascara greatly can damage the lashes. With the right eyelash extension application, there’ll be no damage and the lashes ought to grow better than they might if you were wearing, applying, and cleaning mascara off every day. Therefore, the false claim that your natural eyelashes might be shorter if you removed the extensions isn’t true.

False claim: Lash extensions are a one-size-fits-all solution and my eyelashes will appear like my friend’s eyelashes after she got her eyelash extensions

Fact: All of us have various eye shapes and a different amount of natural eyelashes. What does that mean? It means that eyelash extensions may be (and ought to be) custom-made just for YOU. Also, it means that your eyelash extensions might not appear like your friend’s eyelash extensions since both of you have various eye shapes and various amounts of natural eyelashes. Here at Lashes by Lisa, we specialize in customized and safe lash extensions.

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