Eyelash Extensions for Brides-to-Be

Long lashes will take your beauty appearance to the next level — and not to mention they’ll make the eyes look brighter and bigger. Therefore, it isn’t any shock that eyelash extensions are amongst the most popular wedding beauty treatments. Here, we give details on all things eyelash extensions, so you are prepared for your initial session.


Perform Your Research. Anything actually having to do with the eyes will require the utmost attention to detail. You’ll need to search for an experienced eyelash professional with a reputable salon.

Understand Your Options. Cluster eyelashes last for up to 2 weeks. The process of application is faster than other kinds of extensions. Semi-permanent, additionally referred to as individual lashes, are the closest you’ll get to accomplishing a long-lasting and natural effect. If cared for properly, they can last up to 6 – 8 weeks.

Take Care of Natural Lashes. Condition lashes using bbrowbar Luscious Lash Oil that strengthens natural eyelashes.

Start Fresh. Be certain your specialist completely removes all mascara before she/he starts your session. Oils in mascaras may cause individual lashes to come off more easily.

Think About a Tint. If your eyelashes are fair, a lash tint is an excellent option. A tint ensures that the natural eyelashes match the color of the extensions — and leaves you with a fuller appearance.

Choose Full or Half Set. If you are searching for a false lash, glamorous look, invest in a full set. But, if you are searching for a more natural and toned-down look, a half set is all that’s needed.

Do a Trial. Similar to when you do makeup and hair trials, do not forget to do the same with eyelash extensions. Book an appointment 1 – 2 months before your wedding day.


Do not Get Lashes Wet for 24 Hours. You cannot get eyelashes wet for 24 hours in order for the glue to completely dry and extensions settle.

Skip the Oil-Based Make-up Remover. You will want to avoid oil-based formulas, as they’ll break up the eyelash glue and cause the falsies to prematurely fall out.

No Mascara. Toss the mascara! Sort of… It’s still possible to use mascara on the lower eyelashes. Towards the end of the 2 weeks, if you see your eyelashes look less lush, it is okay to apply a light mascara coat, so you can even things out — just ensure that it is a non-waterproof, regular formula.

Grooming Is Needed. Eyelash extensions need to be maintained. Use a lash tamer or comb to brush your eyelashes every morning. It’ll fix all unruly fringe then keep them appearing neat and groomed.

Do not attempt to remove them on your own. Just as an experienced professional applied the eyelashes, they additionally have to remove them. Do not pluck, pick, or mess around with the extensions at home. It may cause damage to your natural eyelashes. If you experience any problems or want to make changes, just return to the salon and the technician will be glad to help.

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