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Eyelash Extensions Winnipeg MBEyelash extensions are a relatively new technology, and people have lots of questions about them. To help clear some confusion we’ve written a comprehensive report explaining everything you could possibly want to know about lash extensions.


Women have sought to improve the appearance of their eyes for centuries with reports of even Cleopatra using mascara. The bid to enhance the appearance of eyelashes by any other way than cosmetics begun in 1916 when movie director D.W. Griffith sought to have the leading lady in his movie ‘Intolerance,’ have eyelashes that could be clearly seen to brush against her cheeks and make her eyes look bigger and more remarkable. In order to accommodate this desire, the first set of fake eyelashes was created using human hair and gauze stitched together by a wig maker.

With each subsequent decade, more and more advancements were made towards making fake eyelashes more natural looking and comfortable to wear. In the 1960s in particular, it was all the rage to have overdone lashes. This was partly thanks to the immense popularity of such models as Twiggy, who was frequently photographed sporting thick doe eyed lashes.

Although some say that eyelash extensions have been in existence and use in parts of Asia for over three decades, they truly became known in the western world in the early 2000s. This was when more and more female celebrities were photographed having surprisingly thick lashes. Thanks to news reports on fashion trends, people discovered the wonder of eyelash extensions used by celebrities and begun seeking out the service.

Today, the eyelash extension service has become a booming business for many salons, spas and other beauty establishments. The industry has however suffered some problems, such as ill –educated providers who carry out their procedures poorly and under unhygienic circumstances, causing damage to clients. Thankfully, even this negative press has not discouraged many women who have seen firsthand the wonderful results that can be achieved when they choose the right establishment to offer the best service.


Benefits of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are for many women, the most important means by which they can enhance their looks. The eyes are considered the window to the soul and framing them more attractively is a wonderful way to look and feel good about yourself. Here are the key benefits of investing in this enhancement.

  • Less time and money spent on makeup. Most women who take up eyelash extensions no longer need mascara, as their lashes are now as thick as they would want them. This means less time is taken in getting ready to go out.
  • Lengthy touch-up periods. Once you have had the lashes attached to your natural lashes, you only have to undergo touchups every 2-3 weeks to refill those lashes that have naturally fallen out. These lengthy gaps make the use of eyelash extensions more affordable and convenient.
  • No streaking makeup. When women cry or sweat around the eyes and are wearing mascara, they often end up looking un-presentable. With just eyelash extensions, there is no fear of this happening, even when you are away from home, as you will always look great.
  • They are comfortable and look natural. When you work with a qualified technician, you will be properly advised on which types and lengths of lashes to use. With proper choices and care taken to see that you are not allergic to the materials, you will find having the lashes on effortless.
  • Thicker lashes are like thicker hair on the head, it makes you look healthier and more youthful. Women also find that their eyes look more open and lifted with this enhancement.
  • Enjoy an active lifestyle. Once the lashes have properly bonded and the glue has dried, you will have no issue having the eyelash extensions on when swimming, showering and going into the sauna. By following the care guidelines offered, you can have as much fun as you want without it interfering with the perfect appearance of your lashes.
  • Those that wear contacts but find eye makeup a trial because of dust particles that can get underneath the lens can now enjoy less hassles and more attention drawn to their eyes by investing in eyelash extensions.


How they are applied & how long it takes

The technician first needs to examine your natural lashes in order to recommend the right type of thickness and length. Extensions are supported by the natural lash so overdoing it will cause damage. After the technician works out the appropriate choice of lash in consultation with you, they can then move on to the procedure.

The process involved in having eyelash extensions attached is actually very relaxing. A good technician will seek to ensure that you are comfortable for the entire duration so he or she can more easily and quickly get the job done. You will lie back and remain with your eyes closed as the technician uses glue to attach the synthetic lashes to your natural lashes, one at a time.

The first procedure done to attach a full set of eyelash extensions can take anywhere from one to two hours. That is the application of 30-80 fake lashes on each eye. Thankfully, this is not too long a period for most women accustomed to spending hours in the salon. Thereafter, touch up sessions done on a regular basis to maintain the thick full look, are unlikely to last any longer than 45 minutes.


How long do they last?

When you adhere seriously to the care guidelines provided by the technician and stick to a regular schedule of touch-ups to fill in lost lashes, then you can continue enjoying eyelash extensions forever. It is all about proper maintenance and care.

During your touch-up sessions, the technician will also ensure that your natural lashes are not suffering and remain healthy.

If you have a particularly active lifestyle, then chances are you will require the more frequent bi-monthly touchups.


How to take care of them

  • Stick to a regular schedule of touch-ups to maintain the look and have a professional ensure your natural lashes are not being damaged by the extensions. We recommend touch-ups be done every 2-3 weeks.
  • Avoid touching or wetting your eyelashes after a treatment for at least the first 24 hours. This will allow for the glue to set completely without interference.
  • Avoid saunas, showers and heated pools for at least the first 48 hours.
  • Generally avoid pressing on the extensions through such actions as rubbing your eyes or sleeping on your stomach.
  • If you must use mascara, avoid waterproof varieties and only apply to the tips. We recommend not using mascara at all as this adds to the weight on your natural lash. Also avoid bringing them in contact with oil based makeup and makeup removers.
  • Do not perm or curl your lashes, or otherwise pull on them as this damages both the extension and natural lash.


Eyelash Extensions WinnipegTips to applying makeup on eyelash extensions

We do not encourage the use of additional makeup like mascara on the lashes. This is because mascara adds weight on the natural lash and makes it easier for it to fall out. If you however opt to still use mascara, stick to water based makeup and removers. Also, only apply it to the tips of the extensions. Oil based makeup and makeup removers tend to interfere with the waterproof glues used to bond extensions to the natural lash.

Avoid the temptation to add more curl to your lashes by using a mechanical curler. You should decide on this before the lashes are attached so the technician can properly prepare them.


Removal procedure

Although this rarely occurs, a person may later want to take out their eyelash extensions. This should always be done by a technician. The problem lies in the fact that high-grade surgical glues are used to attach the extensions and it requires the very careful application of quality eyelash extension glue removers to undo this bond. Trying to do the work yourself will likely cause damage to the natural lashes, which may be permanent or temporary. Never opt to pluck the hairs, as this will cause balding. In the event you feel any uncomfortable sensation, return immediately to the salon or spa for them to carry out removal.


Risks Involved

There is a possibility of an allergic reaction to the choice of eyelash or glues used. This is why you should visit a qualified and experienced technician, who can check on this sensitivity and identify the most appropriate choice of extensions and glues.

Be very careful in your choice of salon and technician. Sharp instruments are used alongside high-grade glues and the extensions. You need a professional who is properly trained to ensure the right choice of extensions and glues is made, and the correct procedure applied. A well-trained technician will have a steady hand that will not result in you being poked.

They should also maintain a hygienic environment. A dirty place of work or improperly sterilized equipment can cause clients infections. Have a look around and check on the reputation of the salon and technician in order to feel confident in your choice.

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