How To Pass the Time During Lash Extensions

We live in a society that loves to be on the move. When there’s a free moment of time, we jump on it to get something done; there’s a room to clean, or a contact to make, work to be done, new restaurants to try, Tweets to send and selfies to post. These things aren’t just dalliances in our day and age; we’re always trying to connect to one another, to live our best lives and to create something real. This 24/7 connectivity drives us to create, but it can also make it difficult to relax. You’re about to get gorgeous eyelash extensions; not only will you look incredible, but you’ll save yourself time every day you don’t have to apply mascara. You will, however, have to lie still for at least 90 minutes, and it may be upwards of two hours; what will you do during that time?

First, it’s a good idea to stave off caffeine before your extension appointment. Drinking a cup of joe in the morning can give you a great buzz, and get you out the door, but it might make it difficult or uncomfortable to lie still for a long time. Going into your appointment kind of sleepy really isn’t a bad idea at all; it’ll help you feel comfortable lying down for an extended period of time. Some clients absolutely fall asleep when the extensions are being applied, and that’s a wonderful thing: you doze off dreaming of beautiful eyelashes, and when you wake up, the dream has come true!

The almost fairytale dream of falling asleep and having gorgeous lashes when waking up won’t come true for everyone though; you’ll have gorgeous lashes, no question, but you might not sleep during the process. That’s okay! There’s plenty of other things you can do during that time frame. A great option is to plug in some earphones and listen to a podcast or an audiobook. A great podcast passes the time with the blink of an eye (but don’t blink too much; we are applying extensions, after all!). Audiobooks are much longer, of course, but if you’re relistening to Harry Potter to capture the stories from your childhood, you might as well keep it up here.

Meditating is another amazing option for passing the time during an eyelash extension; meditating can improve your overall health and seriously brighten your day; you’ll leave the salon with a calm mind and a fierce look. Meditation is usually not going to take up the entire two hours, though. That’s okay too, you can always strike up a conversation with your technician!

You can definitely find a bunch of other ways to entertain yourself during your appointment; listening to music is another great way to pass the time! Winnipeg eyelash extensions professional Lisa can talk to you about other ways you can pass the time. Lash extensions do save you time in the long run, not to mention how beautiful they look; it’s really worth the couple of hours to give yourself what could be years of great looking lashes!

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