Permanent Makeup: How Long Does It Last?

The choice to get permanent make-up may change your entire outlook on life. Rising out of bed each day prepared to face a mirror, and the world, may increase your confidence and self-esteem and save you money and time on day-to-day makeup application. Permanent make-up may be applied to eyes, lips, or the entire face, and even can be used to camouflage blemishes or scars, as well as enhance the results of a cosmetic operation, providing you an enhanced and refreshed look. To make the permanent make-up session as beautiful, long-lasting, and effective as it can be, it is vital that you care for your skin after and before. Different skin qualities, which includes dry or oily skin, scar tissue, tanned skin, and prior cosmetic sessions all can affect your permanent make-up results.

Permanent make-up involves colored pigment injected into the skin to craft well-defined lipstick, eyeliner, and eyebrows. As with any tattoo, permanent make-up fades over a period of time. How rapidly it fades depends upon the person and may vary from 1 to 5 years.

How It is Applied

Permanent make-up is applied to the skin with a unique handheld device. It’ll feature a needle which punctures your skin to inject the colored pigment. The natural pigment is embedded underneath the skin’s dermal layer for long-lasting definition. The process of the cosmetic tattoo is considered permanent because you can’t rinse away the tattooed color. But permanent make-up is really just a semi-permanent application, because the ink underneath the skin naturally diminishes over time.

Fading and Tattoos

All tattoos are prone to fading, yet the inks utilized for permanent make-up especially are likely to diminish. The colors utilized in permanent make-up sessions, as compared with inks used for conventional tattoos, are more natural and softer, making them more vulnerable to fading.

Several additional factors affect diminishing:

  • Ink color: Lighter colors fade more rapidly than darker colors.
  • UV ray exposure: Tanning bed and sun exposure may speed the fading process up.
  • Skin treatments: Skin peels as well as use of solutions that have Retin-A, a type of vitamin A which encourages skin renewal, also can produce a shorter life for permanent make-up.

Options for Removal

Although permanent make-up only offers semi-permanent results, tattooed ink is hard to take off before it diminishes on its own. No safe at-home treatments afre available to remove or fade permanent make-up. But, it’s possible to ask a dermatologist or make-up technician about softening the look. Techniques involve:

  • Laser removal: Multiple laser treatments may remove the tattoo ink from the skin.
  • Color camouflage: The technician may mask the permanent make-up shade with an additional tattoo application in a different color.

Refreshing Your Appearance

The SPCP suggests color refreshing or color re-enhancement to sustain permanent make-up. Usually, between 1 to 5 years after your first application, it’s possible to visit the technician to enhance the initial color and fill faded areas in. Within this process, you’ll have the chance to change the make-up color or shape, too.

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