Permanent Makeup: Is it Safe?

Women spend about 55 minutes each day on their looks, which includes their makeup regimen, according to a 2014 survey.  Plus, according to a video by Money, the average United States woman will spend approximately $15,000 on makeup over the course of a lifetime! Women of every age are making the choice to reclaim a little of their money and time by using cosmetic tattooing to imitate eyeliner, change their lip color, or define their brows.

Permanent makeup: What is it?

Permanent makeup, additionally referred to as cosmetic tattooing, is the same treatment as conventional tattooing. A technician utilizes a needle to insert pigments inside the skin’s dermis layer to change the appearance of the skin. The most typical changes are made to the eyes, brows, and lips to imitate the appearance of makeup like brow liner, eyeliner, eyeshadow, as well as lipstick.

With assistance from a permanent make-up expert, women select which shades they want, occasionally get topical anesthesia, and go through a tattooing treatment that lasts up to several hours. The instant results usually are a lot darker than the end results, and the shades lighten up within the initial several days of healing. Your results might last for years or months depending upon factors such as sun exposure and the kind of pigments used.

Permanent makeup: Is it safe?

Generally, permanent makeup is considered to be safe. It’ll carry the same risks as additional tattoos. The most severe is the risk of infection from incorrectly sanitized equipment and tools. Tattooing services get regulated on a local level, and your local or state health department may provide you more details on regulations in your locality. Always ensure the professional you opt to work with possesses all necessary licenses or certifications and has the ability to answer safety inquiries to your satisfaction. You ought to have the ability to see your tech open sterile, new needles in front of you, as well as utilize new gloves for your treatment.

Additional risks are less severe yet still worth noting. Allergic reactions to pigments that are used in permanent makeup and tattooing are rare, yet they may be difficult to treat because the allergen is extremely challenging to remove, according to the FDA. In addition, the FDA lists granulomas, keloids, and removal issues as risks of permanent make-up.

Plus, if you choose permanent make-up and later require an MRI, you ought to inform your technician. Occasionally folks who have permanent makeup who go through MRIs suffer burning or swelling around the tattooed space, yet those effects are temporary.

Permanent makeup: Is it painful?

For the majority of folks, the process of getting permanent make-up is at least uncomfortable. Many folks who get tattoos report pain, and the eyelids and lips are extremely sensitive regions. Usually, while topical anesthetics are not used for conventional tattooing, they are common in the industry of permanent make-up, and the technician will discuss your options with you.

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