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Eyelash Extensions


Permanent Makeup


Body Sugaring


Eyelash Extensions

What are Eyelash Extensions?Winnipeg Eyelash Extensions Before and After

Eyelash extensions are made of a synthetic material.

Each lash is attached individually one by one to existing lashes.


What are the Benefits of Lash Extensions?

-Longer, darker, thicker lashes

-Eyes appear lifted and more open

-Give a more youthful appearance

-Save time not having to apply mascara


How long will they last?

With proper care and bi weekly maintenance fills, eyelash extensions can last forever.

Lashes by Lisa follows very strict guidelines in order to preserve and keep natural lashes healthy and undamaged.


Can I wear regular makeup with eyelash extensions?

Although you can still wear eye makeup, the application of heavy eye makeup, particularly mascara and eyeliner, may reduce the life span of your extensions and will require more frequent fills.


What is the aftercare involved?

For the first 24 hours:

-Do not get lashes wet.

-Avoid saunas and steam rooms.

-Do not rub eyes.

-Do not use oil based makeup or makeup remover.

-If using mascara, make sure it is not waterproof and only applied to the tips.

-Keep fill within a 2-3 week time frame.



Half in (50 mink lashes per eye) $129
All in (100 mink lashes per eye) $199

Lash Fills:
2 weeks (25 per eye) $50
3 weeks (50 per eye) $65
4 weeks + new set required

Click here for more information on eyelash extensions.

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Permanent Makeup

Lips Before and AfterWhat is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is implanting specialized pigments into the dermal layer of the skin for the purpose of enhancing facial features.

Permanent make up includes but is not limited to eye brows, eye liner, lip liner and full lip shading.

The methodology is similar to tattooing with the exception of the purpose, location, pigments and machines being used as well as the process of removal.


What are the benefits of Permanent Makeup?

-No running makeup from swimming or sweating.

-A more lifted, youthful appearance.

-Save time and money not having to apply make up.


How long will it last?

Micropigmentation lasts 3-5 years. Clients can protect their investment with refresh color every 1-2 years


What does the procedure consist of?Permanent Eyebrows

Creating brows, eye or lip liner and full lip shading is a two stage process which entails the initial consultation and procedure followed by a touch up within 2-3 months later which is included in the price.

With full lip shading, two touch ups may be required.


Will it be painful?

Sensitivity to discomfort is often heightened during a woman’s period or lack of sleep, clients are encouraged to book appointments with this in mind.

A topical numbing agent is applied prior to and during procedure to help keep client as comfortable as possible.



Eye Brows $499

Eyeliner both top and bottom $599 or $350 each

Lip Liner $350 Full lip shading $699

Microblading $399 lasts up to 12-18 months

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Body Sugaring

What is Body Sugaring?

Body sugaring is a safe, sanitary and natural way of removing unwanted hair. Product used is all natural consisting of water, sugar and lemon juice.

Sugar is applied against the hair growth and removed in the direction of the growth which allows us to get more of the root. With regular maintenance hair will come in thinner, softer and finer.


Things to keep in mind

If having a bikini or Brazilian done, please be sure to have hair trimmed to ¼ inch.

If it is your first time having a Brazilian, it may be advisable to do in stages.

Ladies it is advised to avoid sugaring treatments during your cycle (period).

If you have low pain tolerance, you can take advil or Tylenol ½ hour prior to treatment.

Although it is important to regularly exfoliate to remove dead skin and keep skin clear avoiding build up which can contribute to ingrown hairs, it is important to avoid exfoliation the day of or day after a sugaring treatment.

It is important to avoid direct heat such as a bath or tanning the day of a sugaring treatment.

Avoid creams and deodorants to areas getting sugared.

If skin is sensitive, small red bumps may appear but will not last long.




Brows $10 – 12

Lip $7

Under arms $15


Half $25

Full $35


Half $40

Full $60


Regular $20

Brazilian $40

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MENS SUGARING AVAILABLE – pricing available upon request. ***all pricing subject to pst***

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