Summer is Here, Time to get Sweat-Proof Brows

Ah, summer. That wonderful time of year where the weather is nice enough that we can stroll through parks, go swimming and enjoy the outdoors. Here in Winnipeg, it often goes above 30 degrees in the hottest months; all that swimming and sweating can ruin makeup really easily! This summer, you don’t have to worry about your perfect eyebrows running to ruin because of water; you can get sweat-proof brows using permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is nothing like it used to be; in the 90s, the media liked to poke fun at what they thought of as face tattoos. The process for permanent makeup today still takes from the principles of tattooing, but uses new processes like microblading and nano-needling. This allows the technician to create eyebrows that look incredibly natural, with a mix of fine and thicker pseudo-hairs.

The pigments used in permanent makeup are also much improved from before; your technician will work with you to find one that works perfectly with your skin and hair, so your eyebrows will always look perfect. Techniques and training for permanent makeup have also vastly improved, so it’s more important than ever to find an experienced technician whose skills are up to the task of creating the perfect brow. The machinery has been updated too, and injects the pigments less deeply into the skin, while still creating a look that will last.

Microblading has a ton of advantages over traditional makeup. The process makes your eyebrow sweat and waterproof, so you’ll look beautiful no matter where summer takes you. The process will also save you money and time! You won’t have to buy expensive makeup for your eyebrows on the regular, and you’ll save time anytime you’re going out. Permanent makeup last years, but if for whatever reason you want to change, it’s easy enough to. Permanent is a bit of a misnomer here, because microblading typically lasts from 12-18 months; you can get touch ups done whenever you need to, so the beautiful look is easy to maintain. This is because the pigments used in microblading are specifically designed to be gentle on your face and to fade over time, allowing easy modification to the brow if necessary.

Sweat-proof brows can be yours this summer, and it’s even possible to get other sweat-proof permanent makeup too! There are special new techniques to give you fuller looking lips, permanent eyeliner, and more. The procedures must be done by an experienced permanent makeup professional for results that are safe, long-lasting and beautiful. More and more women agree that permanent makeup is a great solution for a world where we’re always on the go; National Women’s Show says that it’s making a comeback now that it’s so much better than twenty years ago. Permanent makeup can make you look beautiful 24/7, and we’re pretty sure this technique will stand the test of time, just like it’s name suggests.

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