The Best Way to Sleep with Lash Extensions

It is suggested to sleep on your back in order to avoid any contact with your pillow. It’d cause the eyelashes to become tangled and ultimately fall off faster. Most folks are side sleepers: therefore, you might wonder how to sleep on your back. It may take a little getting used to, particularly if you only have ever slept on your side. Utilizing pillows for stretching and support before bed are a few things you can try. The key includes finding a method that’s most comfortable for you. Each person is different; therefore, make certain you experiment a little. Below are a few tips:

Position the Pillows

Surround yourself with supportive pillows and to prevent rolling on your side. With a couple of pillows, put them under each arm in order to elevate them, as well as to keep your shoulders somewhat higher. This permits the body to sustain a neutral position. You also can place a pillow under your knees to avoid lower back pain, as well as to prevent rolling. Utilize the right pillow that supports your neck and head, and one which keeps you secure all throughout the night.


Occasionally during the nighttime, we’ll toss and turn if we cannot find a comfy position. In order to avoid this, try to stretch before bed. It’s even possible to do them in your bed. A great back stretch to attempt includes lying flat on the back, and pull the left knee up to the chest, while you keep the opposite leg relaxed and straight. Hold it for thirty seconds then repeat with your opposite knee. Another fast one while you are sitting down includes extending the arms out in front then press your hands together. As you do that, gradually allow your neck and head to come down into a diving stance. Hold for around twenty seconds. Keep in mind to breathe in deeply as you do these exercises. As the back is stretched, it’s relaxed, which makes it easier to remain still during the nighttime.

Use a Lash Extension Sleep Mask

Buying a lash extension sleep mask may assist in protecting the extensions from pillow friction and extend their life. If you aren’t a back sleeper, no problem. This convenient product will keep your eyelashes secure and safe for side sleeping. Not only will they offer protection while sleeping but they’ll also provide you a sound sleep, and make you feel refreshed when morning arrives. Different from conventional sleep masks, lash extension sleep masks offer a space between your eyes and the mask, allowing comfort and freedom.

Utilize a Silk Pillowcase

Silk is gentle on the lashes and smooth on your skin. If the extensions rub against a silk pillow, they ought to run smoothly against it, instead of tangle and twist from friction on cotton pillows. Less friction means a longer lash life. As a bonus, silk also is great for the skin and it prevents wrinkles.

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