The Differences Between Western and Korean Makeup, Part I

One of the advantages of globalization is the unprecedented access we have to other cultures; we can learn new techniques and trends from each other, to create new and innovative looks. One country that has done tremendously in the post-globalization world of makeup is Korea; the trends and products there have begun to make their way to the West in a very real way. There are a few differences in how Koreans generally use their makeup products to create their particular look; taking in the differences might allow you to create a whole new style!

The general difference between Western and Korean styles is that Korean trends favour a very subtle look, while Western makeup can be quite bold. Korea has a special sector of makeup, known as “functional cosmetics”, to categorize anti-aging, elasticity boosting and UV blocking products, among others; they’re known as functional because their effects on your skin go beyond looks. This may be one of the reasons that Korean trends favour a gentler look.

Western primers are generally neutral; they serve to help foundation stay on your skin for as long as possible, but they do little else. Korean primers are usually illuminating; they serve to brighten complexion and add a subtle glow to the skin.

Foundation in the West is often in liquid or stick form; this foundation might be close to the colour of your skin, but may also be a touch darker in order to create a tanned look. Korean looks often use BB Cream or CC Cream; BB stands for blemish balm or beauty balm, while CC is for color correction. This is in line with the Korean love of functional cosmetics, as these creams will usually come with anti-aging and sun protecting qualities, with CC cream having the added benefit of reducing the appearance of redness. The Korean look is often much fairer than the Western looked; no choosing darker shades to look tanned, here.

Concealer is sometimes used in the West to highlight certain elements of the face, as well as to reduce the appearance of blemishes and dark circles; in Korea, spot concealing is much more popular, and concealer is rarely used for highlighting.

Setting the base is common in the Western style, as the base was created to be neutral and long-lasting, and the powder reduces glow. The Korean style prefers a glowing face, and so is rarely set.

The Western style of brow has a defined arch as it’s centrepiece; it’s enhanced by using pencils, and occasionally brow mascara. The Korean style is defined by straight, thick brows; colored mascara is often used to lighten the now-thickened brow hairs colour.

When you’ve decided on a style of makeup, putting it on every time you want to go out can be a bit of a hassle. An experienced permanent makeup professional can help you by creating a permanent look, be it to your eyebrows, lips, or otherwise. Next time, we’ll delve a little more deeply into some of the differences between Korean and Western makeup!

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