What is Beauty?

“You look beautiful” is a phrase that can delight; when someone you admire says it, your heart may go all aflutter. What does it mean, though? What is beauty, who is beautiful; it seems to change depending on when and where we live, and who we’re interacting with. Beauty can refer to a whole bunch of things; a statue can be beautiful, a woman can be beautiful, childbirth can be beautiful. Things can be ugly, too, beauty’s opposite – a person can be ugly, but saying a person is ugly is an ugly thing to do, and brings up ugly emotions.

I’m partial to Lexi Herrick’s definition of beauty; beauty is happiness. We feel happy when we see something aesthetically beautiful; it inspires us to seek more beauty in the world, to become more beautiful ourselves. Aesthetic beauty is a type of ideal; we want to look a way that makes us and other people happy, so we dress nicely, we put on makeup, do our hair, all the little things. Aesthetic beauty creates happiness and inspiration because it’s obvious that the person put time, effort and thought into their look, and this mastery of beauty makes us happy because we know that a beautiful person is alive, awake and willing to beautify the world.

That’s why we can call non-aesthetic things beautiful as well; we see in them mastery, or service to humanity, and that’s what makes us happy. A beautiful piece of music is filled with emotion, thought, effort and time, just like a great look is, so we know beauty isn’t purely visual. Childbirth is visually quite unappealing, so you’d think we’d call it ugly; but it’s not ugly, because there is time, effort and love going into making humanity a better place. A child will be raised, you see the mother who is going to raise the child, the experience of becoming indelibly attached to your son or daughter; it’s all love, so it’s all beautiful.

Beauty, then, is truth; the truth that those around us are feeling beings, whose subjective experience is as valuable as our own. We gather together to appreciate beauty, we all recognize it, we can discuss what is beautiful and what is not; what brings us happiness. When we experience something beautiful, we know it to our core; while it may be in the eye of the beholder, we’ve all had our breath taken away by beauty at some point in time.

This shared experience of something true and real can’t be denied, and that’s why it’s so wonderful when people beautify themselves; they are giving the world something that brings happiness, a happiness that binds our society together. Our beauty shows the world that when you put in the time and effort to look good, you make people happy. You want to look beautiful, and it’ll make our world a better place, so we can help. We are your Winnipeg eyelash extension professional, so get in touch with us and we’ll help you shine.