Why Do We Have Eyelashes?

Eyelashes are sexy; we offer lash extensions in Winnipeg because we want your eyes to look gorgeous. Sexy can’t be the only function of eyelashes though; buffalo have eyelashes, so do elephants, and while nice eyelashes might look attractive to them to, it seemed to us that there must be reasons we have eyelashes beyond how striking they make us look. We’d heard that they offered some kind of protection, but eyelids are there to protect our eyes, so we thought we’d dive into how exactly eyelashes protect your eyes.

According to Wonderopolis, there’s a few reasons why we might have developed eyelashes for protection. The first reason seems tied in to stopping particles from entering into our eyes; dust, sand and other particulate can enter the eye and irritate or damage it. We rely on our sight to do just about everything, so constantly irritated eyes would be a serious detriment to our health and longevity. The second reason they posit we have eyelids is to keep moisture out of our eyes; our lashes are curved so moisture would drip away from the eye.

There are other possible reasons for eyelashes; like blocking the sun from our eyes. Another study showed that eyelashes help us resist the effects wind would have on our eyes; wind was blown over disks filled with water to simulate the moisture of an eye, with various types of protection; eyelashes seemed to work best at retaining moisture while still letting a creature see.

The same wind tunnel study tested how eyelashes stop particulate from entering the eye;  the study showed that eyelashes the length of a human’s were effective at stopping particles, and that longer lashes may in fact stop the particulate better than regular sized lashes. The study then concluded there could be an advantage to using false eyelashes to reduce irritation in the eye, but that further studies were needed.

Why are long eyelashes attractive, then? In part, it’s a sign that biological processes are working well; your eyelashes being long and full indicates that you’re still young and healthy, which is universally attractive. Long eyelashes may also signal that you’re not likely to go blind from dry eye and dust anytime soon, so potential partners might subconsciously be looking out for your general eye health!

Eyelashes being constantly exposed to the elements may be part of the reason why we grow and lose them so frequently; it wouldn’t do any good to have your lashes so beaten down by the elements that they stopped protecting your eye! That’s yet another reason getting extensions can help you; not only does it beautify, but regular extensions and touch-ups help your lashes look healthy and may even help resist the elements better. Long eyelashes have been a sign of beauty since before Cleopatra, and various makeups have been developed to accentuate the look of your eye; these are time-consuming and expensive, however, so getting extensions and touch-ups can save you time, money, and irritation!

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