Why We Use Cosmetics

Cosmetics are a part of life; the beauty industry is worth about $445 billion dollars, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing. Men are wearing more makeup, women are using new techniques to look gorgeous, and we’ve become more accepting of different techniques, looks and styles. YouTube has exploded with cosmetic tutorials, and anyone can learn to draw a perfect winged tip. There are new permanent options for makeup, like eyelash extensions and microblading; it seems beauty products will continue to be in vogue forever. The question, then, is what exactly makes cosmetics so popular; there’s some social pressure, to be sure, but what are the other reasons we use cosmetics?

To Look Good

This is the obvious answer to the question; we want to look amazing. We might be trying to turn heads on the dancefloor, or even in a local cafe; people agree that using cosmetics well makes you more attractive. A study showed that men are quicker to approach a woman wearing red lipstick in a bar than those who wore no lipstick at all. There’s many theories as to why particular cosmetics make you more attractive, but there’s no denying that it works.

To Look Young

Part of looking good is looking younger; this might be because it signals fertility to possible mates, or just because it signals that you’re healthy and happy. That’s why foundation is one of the best tools you have in your cosmetic kit; an even skin tone signals youth, as you haven’t had the opportunity to have your skin blemished by the sun or other wear. An even skin tone also makes your face look healthy; we sometimes wish we had skin like a baby’s, and foundation can give the impression that we do.

To Look Confident

Participants in a study were shown pictures of women wearing cosmetics versus women who were not; those who were wearing cosmetics were consistently rated as happier and more confident, with some participants even indicating that they might have higher earning potential. Another study showed that men are likely to rate women with makeup as more prestigious; this can be incredibly useful if you’re going for a promotion or a new position of authority. Women find that other women look their best when wearing eye makeup; eyeliner, mascara or eyelash extensions all help women find other women confident and beautiful.

There’s a lot of different reasons why wearing cosmetics is a valuable tool for social advancement; not to mention, it’s a lot of fun looking great! Putting on makeup can be a blast, too, but some days applying mascara while running late to work isn’t a viable option. That’s why you can get lash extensions in Winnipeg; get in touch with us, and we’ll shave some time off your morning routine, give you an amazing new look, and get you all the benefits that come with great cosmetics.